proper noun




past participle


past tense






personal pronoun



abandounen  (v.) give up, surrender; - to indulge in; habandoune to give up to.
abasshen   (v.) scare, frighten, dismay; strike with awe, astound; - them seluen, - hym fear, be afraid.
abiden, abyden  (v.) remain, stay; await; wait; attend.
abydyng   see prec.; (n.) place to stay; delay.
abortyue   (n.) fruitless one.
aboute   (prep.) on the outside; about; all about; all around.
abowen   (v.) bow down, submit.
abredgen   (v.) shorten, lessen.
absolucyon   (n.) absolution, forgiveness.
Abstynence ( personification of abstinence, opponent of Gluttony (Bk. 5 Ch. x).
abyen (v.) pay for, atone for.
abylyte (n.) power, ability.
Abissus ( name given to the Pit of Hell (Bk. 3 Ch. x).
accidental (adj.) fourme - as opposed to fourme substancial , in scholastic thought a property not essential to our conception of a substance, a mere attribute. For example: after the transsubstantiation, the material qualities (accidents) of the bread and wine remain the same, though their essence (substance) is changed (in this case into the flesh and blood of Christ).
accion (n.) lawsuit, trial; plea, accusation; action.
accordaunt (adj.) agreeing; appropriate.
accorden (v.) agree.
accounte (n.) reckoning; accountes counting, settling of accounts.
accursen (v.) curse, damn.
accusement (n.) accusation.
acheuen (v.) achieve, reach.
acord (n.) agreement; of one acord in mutual agreement.
acorden (v.) cause to come to an agreement.
actour (n.) plaintiff; any party in a lawsuit.
adeterminen (v.) fulfill, bring to an end.
adinuencyuon (n.) invented addition.
admenusen, amenusen (v.) diminish.
adred (adj.) afraid.
adrenchen (v.) drown.
aduersyte (n.) distress.
adurnen (v.) adorn.
afeblen (v.) make weaker.
aferen (v.) scare.
affection (n.) desire; affection; affectation.
affryghten (v.) scare.
affyen (v.) trust, confide.
agayne, ayene (adv.) again; in the opposite direction, back; (prep.) against.
ageynseyen (v.) contradict.
ageynward (adv.) once more, later on.
agrysen (v.) become terrified.
aiugen (v.) adjudicate.
alaude (n.) alaudae, pl. of alauda (L.) lark.
aleyden (v.) forsake.
algate (adv.) by all means.
alledgen (v.) say; contend; alleviate.
almyght (adj.) almighty.
almysdede (n.) almsgiving.
alouten (v.) stoop, bend down; in alle folke the alouteth and obeyeth the indirect object appears as if direct and the verb as if transitive.
allowable, alowable (adj.) laudable, praiseworthy.
alowe (adv.) below.
alowen (v.) praise, value.
alterate (adj.) altered; (v.) alter.
alternement (n.) changing.
alyenen (v.) steal.
alyght (adj.) kindled, shining.
amendement (n.) amends.
amenusen (v.) diminish
ameuen (v.) stir, arouse.
amplyen (v.) enlarge, increase in dignity.
anachorite (n.) anchorite, hermit.
anents, anentz (prep.) in respect of, as regards.
aneuelt (n.) anvil.
anguysshous (adj.) anguished.
anker (n.) anchorite.
annoyen (v.) injure, harm, trouble.
anone (adv.) instantly, at once.
anoye (n.) injury.
Annunciacion ( Feast of the Annunciation (intimation by Gabriel to Mary of the Incarnation), Ladyday, March 25.
aperceuen (v.) perceive.
apertynent (adj.) proper, appropriate.
Apocalips ( the Apocalypse, the Revelation of st. John.
appareylen (v.) furnish, clothe, dress up, adorn.
appelen (v.) appeal, accuse.
appesen (v.) appease.
appeyrement (n.) damage, impairing.
appropren (v.) assign.
apprysen (v.) appreciate.
areste (v., pp.) held captive.
aretchen (v.) reach.
armerour (n.) person who equips men-at-arms in their mail.
armony (n.) harmony.
arten (v.) constrain.
aryght (adv.) rightly.
aspyen (v.) espy.
asquynt (adv.) asquint, malignant.
assaute (n.) assault.
assayen (v.) find out by experience; try.
asselen (v.) seal.
assessour (n.) assessor, adviser to a judge or magistrate.
asseth, assett (n.) compensation, atonement.
assignen (v.) appoint, consign.
assoilen (v.) absolve.
Assumpcion ( feast of the reception of Mary into heaven, with body preserved from corruption, August 15.
asterten (v.) escape.
astronomyen (n.) astronomer.
atermynen (v.) determine, limit, end.
athynken (v.) cause to regret; that me ... athought I regretted that.
attaynen (v.) reach; apprehend.
attempren (v.) temper.
attones (adv.) at once.
auarous (adj.) avaricious.
auauncen (v.) advance, aid.
auaunten (v.) boast.
auctoryte (n.) authority.
audyence (n.) audience; yeue audyence listen.
auenture (n.) chance, fortune, luck.
augmentif (adj.) nourishing.
auncyen (n.) ensign.
auowen (v.) acknowledge.
auoyden (v.) get rid of.
auterer (n.) one who ministers at an altar, priest(ess).
auys (n.) opinion.
auysement (n.) advice.
auysen (v.) inform.
axen (v.) ask.
ay (adv.) always, forever.
ayene, ayeneward see agayne, agaynward.
ayer, eyer (n.) air.

(n.) slanderer.
bacyn (n.) a scale-dish of a balance.
balauncer (n.) one who weighs with a balance.
balysterer (n.) crossbowman.
baptym (n.) baptism.
barayne (adj.) barren, deprived.
barre (n.) defense (legal term).
bataille (n.) battle.
baundon (n.) jurisdiction, custody.
beaume (n.) balm.
beclyppen (v.) surround, eclipse.
befallen (n.) happen.
beforne (prep.) before.
behouen (v.) be proper, suit.
behyghten, byheten (v.) promise, vow.
beiapen (v.) play a trick on, befool.
bely (n.) belly.
beme (n.) beam.
benefayte (n.) benefit.
benefyce (n.) benefice.
beren (v.) bear; pp. bore borne, born.
bere (n.) bear.
beryen (v.) bury.
Bernard ( St. Bernard of Clairvaux.
beseken (v.) beseech.
besemen (v.) befit.
besene, bysene (v.) behold.
besines (n.) business.
besme (n.) besom.
besyen (v.) keep busy.
betaken, bytaken (v.) assign.
betel (n.) beetle (tool).
bethynken (v.) remind someone; bethynke the remember.
betyden (v.) happen, befall.
bewepen (v.) deplore.
beyen (v.) buy.
bidden (v.) pp. beden ask.
bilappen (v.) envelop, clothe.
bilden (v.) build.
bitaken, bytaken (v.) deliver, entrust, give
biwernen (v.) warn.
blandysshing (n.) flattery.
Blaunche ( a name given to Virginity.
blosme (n.) blossom.
blyue (adv.) soon, quickly.
bocher (n.) butcher.
bodely (adj.) physical, bodily.
boller (n.) `sweller', drinker.
bolnen (v.) swell, puff up.
boole (n.) bull.
boore (n.) boar. bord (n.) table.
bordure (n.) border.
bornysshen (v.) burnish, polish.
borsten (pp.) bursted.
boste (n.) boast.
bote (n.) profit
boule (n.) ball.
bounte (n.) goodness, virtue.
boustrous, boystous (adj.) boisterous, rude.
bowken (v.) dreanch, soak, bathe.
boyste (n.) box.
brasen (adj.) brazen, made of brass.
brayen (v.) cry out.
braynen (v.) dash one's brains out.
brecke (n.) flaw.
bredde (n.) bread.
brenden, brennen (v.) burn.
breuely (adv.) in short, briefly.
broche (n.) brooch.
brond (n.) brand.
brotel (adj.) fragile.
bru (y)sen, brysen (v.) bruise.
bryken (v.) ensnare.
bryke (n.) trap.
bryse (n.) bruise.

buffet (n.) blow, beating.
burdon (n.) pilgrim's staff.
burgeys (n.) burgess.
busk (n.) bush.
byden (v.) await, expect.
byquethen (v.) bequeath.
byhalden (v.) see beholden.
byheste (n.) behest, command.
byhote (v.) promise.
byhoue (adj.) destitute.
byhouen (v.) be fitting.
byknowen (v.) I am byknowe I admit
bymenen (v.) bemoan.
byreuen (v.), pp. byraft deprive.
byrthen (n.) burden.
bysene (v.) take heed to oneself.
byshadowen (v.) overshadow.
bytaken, bitaken (v.) deliver, entrust, give
bytokenen (v.) signify.

caas, cas
(n.) case.
caitif (n.) wretch.
callen (v.) call, call out.
Cambyses ( Cambises, King of Persia.
capital (n.) capital of a pillar.
careyne (n.) corpse, carrion.
carbouncle (n.) carbuncle, ruby.
carful (adj.) sorrowful.
casten (v.) contrive
catel (n.) wealth.
caudron (n.) cauldron.
cautele (n.) trick, deceit.
cauyllacion (n.) unfair argument in a legal case.
cercle (n.) circle.
certes (adv.) certainly.
certyfyen (v.) it was me certyfyed I was assured.
cessen (v.) cease.
ceint (n.) girdle.
chaunce (n.) chance, fortune.
chaunceler (n.) chancellor.
chayer (n.) chair.
checker (n.) chess.
cheef (n.) chief, leader.
chere1 (adj.) dear (French chèr).
chere2 (n.) appearance, friendly greeting.
Cherubyn ( originally cherubim, a high choir in the hierarchy of angels. Here personified as the angel that guards paradise. Genesis 3:24, however, says that paradise is guarded by several cherubim.
chesen (v.) choose.
cheuyssen (n.) achieve, accomplish one's desire.
chosen (adj.) choise.
chyuetayne (v.) chieftain.
circuite (n.) movement in a circle.
clene (adj.) clean.
clensen (v.) cleanse.
clepen (v.) call.
clerke (n.) scholar.
clerte (n.) clearness.
cleuen (v.) cleave.
clote (n.) clot, hardened lump of earth.
clout (n.) rag.
clouten (v.) patch up.
coerboyle (n.) cuir bouilli, leather soaked or boiled in hot water, and, when soft, moulded or pressed into any required shape. On becoming hard it retains its given shape and offers considerable resistance to strikes, blows, etc.
cofre, coufre (n.) coffer, case.
cogge (n.) cogwheel.
collen (v.) call out (?)
commyssary (n.) deputy.
commyssyon (n.) appointment.
commytten (v.) appoint.
compas (n.) circumference; in compas in compass, in a circle.
competister (n.) person skilled in the computus or calendar.
complexionen (v.) shape, assemble.
compute (n.) calendar.
comune, comyn (adj.) common.
comynalte (n.) community.
comyner (n.) commoner
concepcion (n.) the Immaculate Conception.
conceyt (n.) notion, idea, thought.
conceyuen (v.) understand.
concluden (v.) finish.
concupiscible (adj.) concupiscent, filled with sexual desire.
condempnen (v.) condemn.
condigne (adj.) deserving, worthy of.
conestable (n.) highest military rank in the France, ranking even above the marshalls.
confederen (v.) join together.
confermen (v.) confirm, strengthen.
confounden (v.) confound, destroy.
confusyon (n.) ruin, perdition.
conne (v.) pp. of cunnen be able to.
conning (n.) skill, knowledge, craft.
constaunce (n.) constancy.
consystory (n.) consistory, ecclesiastical court.
contenaunce (n.) appearance.
conteynen (v.) contain.
continuel (adj.) continuous.
contraryen (v.) oppose, contradict.
contre (n.) country.
contricion (n.) contrition.
contryuen (v.) contrive, invent.
conuenyence (n.) correspondence, similarity.
conuersaunt (adj.) conversing.
coote (n.) coat.
copre (n.) copper.
corde (n.) cord.
corne (n.) corn.
corosyf (adj.) caustic.
coroune (n.) crown.
corownen (v.) coronate.
corrumpen (v.) corrupt.
corteyn (n.) curtain.
corteynen, cortinen (v.) shut off with a curtain.
cost (n.) coast, edge.
costeyen (v.) stay by the side of.
cosyn (n.) cousin.
couchen (v.) lay.
couenable (adj.) appropriate, suitable.
counenaunt (n.) condition.
couent (n.) convent, gathering.
couetise (n.) covetousness, avarice.
counceyl (n.) council; counsel.
counceylen1 (v.) counsel, advise.
counceylen2 (v.) conceal.
counseyl (n.) counsel; council.
countrefeten (v.) imitate.
countrepeysen (v.) counterpoise.
courcyer (n.) swift horse.
cours (n.) course.
couth (v.) could.
Crabbe ( the sign of Cancer.
crabbydnesse (n.) bitterness.
crasure (n.) fracture.
Creatour (n.) Creator.
crede (n.) creed.
Crist ( Christ.
cristallyn (adj.) crystalline, transparent.
Cristen (adj.) Christian.
croked (adj.) crooked.
crossen (v.) cross.
croys (n.) cross.
curatour (n.) curator, one appointed as a guardian to conduct affairs for a person legally unfit to conduct them himself.
cure (n.) care, occupation.
curiosyte (n.) elaborate workmanship.  

dagged (adj.) jagged.
damoisel (n.) maiden, lady.
dampnacion (n.) damnation.
dar (v.) dare.
daunger (n.) danger.
debatour (n.) quarreller.
debonayrte (n.) gentleness.
declaracion (n.) explanation.
dede (adj.) dead.
dedely (adj.) deadly.
defamen (v.) attack the good reputation of.
defaut (n.) want, lack.
defensable (adj.) ready for the defence.
defoulen (v.) defile.
defreynen (v.) bridle.
defyguren (v.) disfugure.
degre (n.) degree.
dekene (n.) deacon, diaconate.
deluer (n.) delver, digger.
delyberacion (n.) careful consideration.
delyce, delyte (n.) delight.
delyueraunce (n.) deliverance.
demaund (n.) question.
demenen (v.) demean, behave.
Denys ( st. Dyonisius the Areopagite.
deparayl (adj.) dissimilar, diverse.
departen (v.) divide, share out.
depe (adj.) deep.
depeynten (v.) depict.
depressen (v.) depress, press down.
derck (adj.) dark.
derkyd (pp.) darkened.
derworthly (adv.) dearly.
desalowen (v.) refuse to praise.
desauantage (n.) disadvantage.
desauowen (v.) refuse to acknowledge.
descension (n.) dissent, debate.
descoueren, discoueren, dyskeueren (v.) uncover, reveal.
desdayn (n.) disdain.
deserte (n.) desert.
desguyse (n.) (dis)guise.
desguysen (v.) disguise.
desolacion (n.) desolation.
desordeyne (adj.) immoderate, excessive.
despitous (adj.) insulting, vexing, spiteful.
despoillen (v.) strip of possessions.
despreisen (v.) dispraise.
destroubelen (v.) disturb, make things troublesome for someone.
destytuyt (adj.) destitute.
determynen (v.) determine.
deth (n.) death.
dette (n.) debt.
dettour (n.) debtor.
deuel (n.) devil.
deuouren (v.) devour.
deuoute (adj.) devout.
deuoyr (n.) duty.
deute, dewte (n.) duty.
dewe (adj.) due.
dewynge (n.) `dewing', moistening with Christ's blood.
deyte (n.) deity.
different (adj.) different; (n.) deferent (see epicicle).
diffynen (v.) define.
diffynycion (n.) definition.
diffynytyf (adj.) definitive.
dignyte (n.) dignity.
dilection (n.) dilectation, enjoyment.
discencion (n.) dissent.
discerne (v.) make clear.

disciplyne (n.) discipline, punishment.
disciplynen (v.) discipline, punish.
disclaundren (v.) slander.
discomfortable (adj.) uncomfortable.
discordaunt (adj.) in discord.
discors (n.) discourse.
discression (n.) discernment, judgement.
disesen (v.) vex, trouble.
dishoneste (n.) dishonesty.
disparayble (adj.) diverse.
dispenden (v.) spend.
displesaunce (n.) displeasure.
disport (n.) mirth.
dissemblable (adj.) various, dissimilar.
disseueren (v.) separate.
dissymylen (v.) disguise under a feigned semblance.
doctour (n.) doctor.
Doctryne ( personification of Church doctrine.
doel, dool (n.) grief.
donge (n.) dung.
dore (n.) 'doer', performer.
doute (n.) doubt, fear.
douten (v.) doubt, fear.
dowerys (n.) endowments.
dreden (v.) fear.
dreme (n.) dream.
dremen (v.) dream.
drenchen (v.) drown.
drerye (adj.) dreary, sorrowful.
dressen (v.) array.
dronkelewe (adj.) addicted to drink.
dronken (adj.) drunk.
drope (n.) drop.
drowen (v.) draw, turn.
ductible (adj.) ductile, pliable.
Dunstone ( st. Dunstan (909-988), abbot of Glastonbury and archbishop of Canterbury, patron saint of goldsmiths.
duryngly (adv.) lasting, continually.
Duysshe (adj.) German.
dyapason (n.) diapason, interval of an octave (music).
dyapente (n.) diapente, interval of a fith (music).
dyatesseron (n.) diatesseron, interval of a fourth (music).
dycreten (v.) decree.
dyete (n.) diet
dyghten (v.) pp. dyght prepare.
dygnyte (n.) dignity.
dykynge (n.) making of dikes.
dylygence (n.) diligence.
dymynucyon (n.) diminishing.
dysese (n.) trouble.
dystroubled (v.pp.) disturbed
dyte (n.) ditty.
dyuynyte (n.) divinity.
(v.) ease.
eest (n.) east.
efte (adv.) afterwards.
eftsone (adv.) afterwards.
egal (adj.) equal.
egrely (adj.) eagerly.
elles, els (adv.) else.
emarawde (n.) emerald.
embelif (adj.) oblique.
embrawderer (n.) embroiderer.
empechement (n.) accusation; hindrance.
empeyren (v.) be impaired.
enbryken (v.) trap.
enchaungeable (adj.) unchangeable.
encheson (n.) reason, occasion.
enclinen (v.) bend, stoop.
enclinate (adj.) inclining, tending.
enclypsen (v.) eclipse.
encomberous (adj.) burdensome.
encombren (v.) trouble, vex.
encorporen (v.) clothe.
endyten (v.) put into words or verse.
enflammen (v.) inflame.
enforcen (v.) endeavour.
engendren (v.) engende.r
engynen (v.) contrive.
enhabytour (n.) inhabitant.
enheryted (adj.) indigenous.
eniointe (n.) duty, charge.
enlumynen (n.) illuminate.
enpechen 1 (v.) accuse.
enpechen 2 (v.) impede.
ensample (n.) example.
enserchen (n.) inquire, look carefully through.
enstablisshen (v.) establish.
enstoren (v.) put in store.
entalenten (v.) excite.
entatchen (v.) stain.
entendement (n.) perception, understanding.
ententyf (adj.) attentive, careful.
enterclosynge (n.) enclosure.
entercounten (v.) interconnect.
enterlacen (v.) entangle.
entermellen (v.) mix together.
entermeten (v.) meddle.
entier (adj.) full.
enuenymen (v.) poison, corrupt.
Enuy (n.) Envy, daughter of Lucifer.
epicicle (n.) smaller circle, the centre of which lies on a greater circle: the deferent (see difference), or the course of the planet. The planet itself was thought to move around the epicicle, which in turn moved around the deferent. This was used to explain the irregularities that occurred in the course of the planets in the geocentric Ptolemaic astronomical system.
equyuocacyon (n.) ambiguity.
erdely, erthely (adj.) earthly, worldly.
erle (n.) earl.
erratik (adj.) wandering; sterres erratiks planets.
erynge (n.) ploughing.
eschaufen (v.) warm, heat.
eschetour (n.) escheator, officer appointed by the Lord Treasurer to take notice of the escheats (levy of contributions) in the county in which he is appointed, and to certify them into the exchequer.
esement (n.) easement, benefit.
estat (n.) estate, rank.
estymacion (n.) valuation.
Eue ( Eve, wife of Adam.
euenforth (adv.) according to, in proportion with.
eueridele (adv.) altogether.
exampler (n.) exemplar.
excitacion (n.) exciting.
excusacion (n.) excuse.
experiently (adv.) by experience.
expownen (v.) interpret.  

(n.) falsehood.
fardel (n.) parcel.
farsen (v.) stuff.
feblesse, febylyte (n.) feebleness.
fee (n.) fief.
feld (n.) field.
felycyte (n.) happiness.
fende (n.) fiend, devil.
ferdfull (adj.) fearful.
ferforth (adv.) to a certain degree or extent
fetten (v.) fetch, obtain
feynen (v.) make believe.
fitchen (v.) fix.
fleen (v.) flee.
fletyng (adj.) volatile.
flobotomy (n.) phlebotomy, bleeding.
flos (n.) (L.) flower.
floyten (v.) play the flute.
fo (n.) foe, enemy.
fole (n.) fool.
foleyen (v.) act foolishly.
folyly (adv.) foolishly.
forbed (adj.) furbished, polished.
forberyng (n.) forbearance.
forblowen (v.) inflate.
forbolnen (v.) puff up.
forborne (v.pp.) spared
forbrent (pp.) burnt.
forby (prep.) passeden forby passed by.
forclosen (v.) exclude, shut out completely.
fordoo (v.) destroy.
fordryen (v.) dry up.
forfaded (pp.) daded away, dead.
forfaren (v.) destroy.
forfet (n.) crime, sin.
forgnawen (v.) gnaw to pieces.
foriugen (v.) condemn.
forkeruen (v.) cut to pieces.
forleten (v.) forsake.
formal (adj.) regular, methodical.
formest (adv.) formost.
forneys (n.) furnace.
forpercen (v.) stab to death.
forprycken (v.) stab to death.
forroten (v.) rot.
fors (n.) force.
no fors no matter.
forset (n.) chest.
forswerer (n.) perjurer.
fortherynge (n.) promoting, favouring.
forthinken (v.) regret.
forthmost (adv.) first.
fortroden (pp.) trodden under feet, destroyed by trampling.
foruoyen (v.) go astray, make a mistake.
forweryd (pp.) wear away.
forwounded (pp.) sorely wounded.
foule (adj., adv.) foul, foully, disgracefully, wickedly.
foules (n.) birds.
foyson (n.) abundance.
freel (adj.) frail.
frett (pp.) arrayed with, provided with.
freten (v.) devour.
froren (pp.) frozen.
frounter (n.) frontier.
fructous (adj.) abounding with, producing fruit.
fructyfyen (v.) bear fruit, become fruitful.
fruycion (n.) by very fruycion as a true gift.
furnoys (n.) furnace.
fyers (adj.) fierce.
fyn (n.) end, goal.

(n.) untrue strory.
gabelle (n.) tax, especially salt tax.
Gabryell ( the Archangel Gabriel.
gaderen (v.) gather.
galle (n.) gall, bitterness.
Galylee ( Galilee.
gan (v., pt.) began.
gargaille (n.) gargoyle.
garnement (n.) garment.
garnyson (n.) garrison.
gat (v.,pt.) got, obtained.
geaunt (n.) giant.
Gedeon ( Gideon.
geder, geders (adv.) in to geder (s) together.
generacyon (n.) lineage, descendants, posterity.
generatif (adj.) productive.
gentil (adj.) noble.
gentyls (n.) gentiles.
gerd (pp.) girt.
gere (n.) gear.
ghoost (n.) spirit.
ghoostely (adj.) spiritual.
gibet (n.) gibbet, gallows.
gladen (v.) make happy.
gladsomnesse (n.) gladness, happiness.
glemmyng (n.) glimmering.
glosen (v.) make glosses, cajole, flatter.
gloton (n.) glutton.
Godhede (n.) the Godhead, God.
gommes (n.) gums.
gonne (v., pt.) began.
goote (n.) goat.
gouernaunce (n.) control, self-control, demeanour; government.
graf (n.) graft.
graffen (v.) graft.
grauen (v.) engrave.
graunten (n.) grant, admit.
grauour (n.) engraver.
greden (v.) cry out.
gree (n.) good-will, peace.
grennen (v.) grin.
greuaunce (n.) grievance
greuen (v.) grieve, vex.
grisely (adj.) terrible, horrible.
grone (v.) groan.
growde (v., pt.) grew.
guydresse (n.) female guide.
gyders (adv.) in to gyders together.
gylt (n.) guilt.
gyrd (pp.) girt.
gyrdell (n.) girlde.

(v.) see abandounen.
habitacion (n.) dwelling place.
habite (n.) habit, pilgrim's dress and equipment.
habondaunt (adj.) abundant.
haboundonnen (v.) abound.
halden (v.) pt. helde hold, keep; consider.
halen (v.) draw.
halowen (v.) hallow.
haluendele (adv.) half.
hameren (v.) beat with hammers.
hamour (n.) hammer.
handeles (adj.) without hands.
happed (v., pt.) happened.
hardyesse (n.) boldness.
harneys (n.) armour.
harpour (n.) harpist.
hasten (v.) hurry.
hastely (adv.) hastily.
hastenesse (n.) haste.
hastif (adj.) hasty
haten (v.) hate.
hede, heede (n.) head.
heede (n.) heed.
hele (n.) health.
helme (n.) helmet.
helpely (adj.) helpful.
hengyn (v.) hang.
hennes (adv.) hence.
hepe (n.) heap.
herafterward (adv.) from now on.
heraudes (n.) heralds.
herber (n.) garden, arbour.
herby (adv.) hereby.
heremyte (n.) hermit.
here (adv.) here; (pron. poss.) their.
heren (n.) hear.
heretyke (n.) heretic.
herkened (v., pt.) listened.
hernes (n.) corners.
Herodes ( Herod.
hert (n.) heart.
herto (adv.) to this.
heryed (v., pt.) praised.
hestes (n.) commandments.
hete (n.) heat.
hethen (adj.) heathen.
heuen (n.) heaven.
heuinesse (n.) sorrow.
heuy (adj.) heavy; sorrowful.
hewen (pp.) hewn.
heye (adj.) high.
heyer (n.) heir; (adj.) higher.
heyl (int.) hail.
heyuen (n.) heaven.
hidous (adj.) hideous.
hir (pron. pers, pron. poss.) her.
hitte (v., pt.) hit.
hoked (adj.) hooked.
hokes (n.) hooks.
holpen (pp.) helped
holsome (adj.) wholesome.
hond (n.) hand.
honderd (n.) hundred.
honeste (n.) honesty, virtue.
honestly (adv.)  fittingly.
honger (n.) hunger.
hony (n.) honey.
hoole (adj.) whole, complete; (adv.) wholly, completely.
hoost (n.) host, army.
hoote (adj.) hot.
horologe (n.) clock.
hoten (v.) command.
hou (adv.) how.
hows (n.) house.
humoure (n.) humour, `bodily juice'.
hurteled (v., pt.) beat, struck.
huske (n.) husk.
hy (adj.) high.
hyder (adv.) hither.
hyen (v.) hurry.
hyght (v.) is called.
hylden (v.) flay (?)
hyled (v., pt.) protected, covered.
hynderen (v.) obstruct; deviate.
hyt (pron.) it.  

(n.) joke, jest.
ierarchye (n.) hierarchy.
Ierusalem ( Jerusalem.
Iesse ( Jesse.
iewele (n.) jewel.
Iewes ( Jews.
Ihesu, Ihesus ( Jesus.
impacyente (adj.) impatient.
imperyall (adj.) imperial.
importable (adj.) unbearable.
impressid (v., pt.) imprinted.
incipit (v.) (L.) begins.
includen (v.) imply.
inconuenyent (adj.) inappropriate.
indiscrecion (n.) corruption.
inducen (v.) bring about.
indyfferent (adj.) impartial.
indyuysyble (adj.) indivisible.
infame (n.) disgrace.
infamed (pp.) disgraced.
iniquitatem (n.) (L.) acc. of iniquitas sin.
iniusticiam (n.) (L.) acc. of iniustitia injustice.
Innocentes ( the Innocent Children.
inobedyence (n.) disobedience.
inparfite (adj.) imperfect.
inpassibilite (n.) incapability to suffer injury.
inportune (adj.) importunate.
inquyeten (v.) cause unrest.
instaunce (n.) requests.
insuffysaunt (adj.) insufficient.
intellecta (pp.) (L.) understood.
intellectum (n.) (L.) understanding.
intenden (v.) pay attention to.
inuentary (n.) inventory.
inuisibilia (n.) (L.) invisible things.
inutilis (adj.) (L.) useless.
inuysyble (adj.) invisible.
Ioachym ( Joachim.
Iohan, Iohn ( st John the Baptist; st John the Evangelist.
ioiously (adj.) joyfully.
iolyuet (n.) pretty and gay little creature.
Iordan ( the river Jordan.
Iosephat ( Josaphat.
iourne, iourney (n.) journey, day.
iourneyed (v., pt.) travelled.
iowes (n.) jaws.
ioyen (v.) be joyful.
ioynted (pp.) jointed.
ioynture (n.) connection.
irous (adj.) wrathful.
irremyssyble (adj.) unpardonable
Iudas ( Judas.
Iudicum ( Judges (OT).
iuge (n.) judge.
iuse (n.) juice.
iustus (n.) (L.) righteous one
Iuyn (  

(n.) calendar.
Katheryn ( st Catherine of Alexandria, patron saint of virgins.
kelen (v.) cool.
keped (v., pt.) kept.
kepen (v.) keep.
keruyng (n.) carving.
keueren (v.) cover.
kne (n.) knee.
knetten (v.) knit, fasten.
knowledgen (v.) acknowledge, admit.
knowlege (n.) knowledge.
knytten (v.) knit, fasten.
konne (v.) neuer wold konne hym no thank would never be able to thank him.
kroudes (n.) fiddles.
kryket (n.) cricket.
kynde (n.) nature.
kyndely (n.) naturally.
kytthen (v.) display.  

laboure (n.) pain, trouble.
lachesse (n.) sloth.
lachessen (n.) be slothful.
lafte (v., pt.) left.
languet (n.) tongue of a balance.
lappen (v.) clothe, wrap.
largesse (n.) largeness.
laudamus (v.) (L.) we praise.
lauement (n.) washing.
Laurence ( st Lawrence, deacon and martyr. Feast day: August 10
lauure (n.) washing.
laweours (n.) lawyers.
layd (pp.) laid.
laye (v., pt.) lay.
leche (n.) leech, doctor.
lecherour (n.) lecher.
leden (v.) lead.
leef (n.) leaf.
leeful (a.) lawful, permissible.
leften (n.) raise.
legacion (n.) message.
legaunce (n.) duty to one's liege lord.
legyon (n.) legion, multitude.
leid (v., pt.) laid.
leien (v.) lay.
lely (n.) lilly.
lene (a.) thin, without any flesh.
lenen (v.) lean.
lenger (a.) longer.
leonesse (n.) lioness.
lernen (v.) learn.
lesen (v.) lose.
lessid (v.) relieved.
leste (conj.) lest; at the leste (adv.) at least.
lesyng (n.) lying.
leten (n.) let, leave.
letten (v.) hinder, thwart.
lettes (n.) hindrances.
leue (n.) leave.
leuen1 (v.) leave, stop, cease
leuen2 (v.) believe
leuer (adv.) rather; (adj.) dearer.
leuery (n.) retinue.
leuys (n.) leaves.
lewdnesse (n.) ignorance, foolishness.
lewed (a.) wicked.
leyen (v.) pp. leyn lie.
leyser (n.) leasure, opportunity.
liber (n.) (L.) book.
Liberalite ( lady Liberality, counsellor to king Poeticus.
liberte (n.) liberty, freedom.
licour (n.) liquid.
lieuest (a.) wherof thou hast lieuest which you like most.
lif (n.) body; life.
lignage (n.) lineage.
listeth (v.) pleases.
loken (v.) look; see to; shut off.
lombe (n.) lamb.
londe (n.) country.
loo (int.) lo!, see!.
loos (n.) praise, fame.
lorne (pp.) lost.
lothely (a.) loathsome.
lowde (a.) loud.
Lucifer ( Lucifer.
lucre (n.) gain, profit.
Lumbard ( Lombard.
luste (n.) desire; pleasure.
lusten (v.) please.
lustely (adv.) joyously.
lustynesse (n.) joy.
lycence (n.) permission, leave.
lycken (v.) lick.
lyege (n.) liege.
lyer (n.) liar.
lyeutenant (n.) lieutenant.
lyft1 (pp.) lifted
lyft2 (adj.) left (as opposed to right).
lyggen (v.) lie.
lykenen (v.) compare.
lyken (v.) please.
lylyes (n.) lillies.
Lymbe ( Limbo.
lymed (pp.) limbed.
lymes (n.) limbs.
lynage (n.) lineage.    

(v., pp.) made.
maater (n.) matter
machynament (n.) contraption, machine.
mageste (n.) majesty.
maister (n.) master.
maladye (n.) illness.
maledicta (L.) cursed.
mallyable (a.) pliable.
malyse (n.) malice.
mamet (n.) demon ( = Muhammed).
manace (n.) danger.
manfulnes (n.) valour.
manheede (n.) manhood.
manlyhede (n.) manliness.
manoyr (n.) manor, dwelling place.
mansiones (n.) (L.) dwelling places.
mansleers (n.) manslayers.
marra (a.) marred.
matche (n.) match (of a candle).
matere (n.) matter, subject-matter, case, cause.
materiall (adj.) material, physical.
materles (adj.) without any matter, non-physical.
maugre (prep.) despite.
maumetrye (n.) devil worship ( < Muhammed).
maundement (n.) commission, assignment.
maylet (n.) mallet
maym (n.) spot, disfigurement.
maymed (v., pp.) mutilated.
maystresse (n.) mistress, lady in command.
maystry (n.) dominion, sway.
mede (n.) reward.
medeful (adj.) profitable.
medle (n.) interfere.
medlure (n.) mixture, pollution.
meke (adj.) meek.
menure (n.) loot.
merciable (adj.) merciful.
meruaylous (adj.) marvellous.
merueilen (v.) wonder.
meschyef (n.) misfortune.

mescheuous (adj.)miserable
messager (n.) messenger.
meue (v.) move.
meyne (n.) company, retinue.
ministrabant (v.) (L.) they were serving.
misdon (v., pp.) done wrong.
Misericorde ( Misericordia, Mercy.
moch (adv.) much, to a great extent; moche thyng many things.
mocion (n.) motion.
moddy (adj.) muddy.
moder (n.) mother.
mone (n.) complaint.
moneth (n.) month.
montayne (n.) mountain.
mony (adj.) many.
moote (v.) must.
mor (adv.) more.
morderer (n.) murderer.
morne (v.) mourn.
morowe (n.) morrow, morning.
motys (n.) motes, particles of dust.
mounten (v.) rise.
mowe (v.) may.
Moyses ( Moses.
multa (adj.) (L.) many things, in sensum multa cognitantem a mind contemplating many things.
multacions (n.) fines.
mundi (n.) (L.) gen. of mundus.
mundus (n.) (L.) world.
Mychael ( the Archangel Michael. In medieval art he is often represented weighing souls. Feast day: 29 September.
myddel (n.) waist.
myddes (adv.) midst.
myn (poss. pron.) my.
mys (n.) wrong, trespass, sin.
mysauenture (n.) misfortune.
mysbede (v.) injure.
mysbetyde (v.) be unfortunate.
mysbileuynge (n.) disbelief.
myschaunce (n.) misfortune.
mysconceyle (v.) give wrong advice.
myscryppe (v.) deprive of one's scrip.
mysdede (n.) crime, sin.
mysdoers (n.) sinners.
mysese (n.) trouble.
mysfaren (v.) go astray, sin.
mysfarynge (adj.) wicked.
mysformyd (v., pp.) deformed.
mysgon (v.) go astray, take the wrong way.
mysgouernaunce (n.) bad self-control, misbehaviour, evil conduct.
mysgouerne (v.) control oneself badly, misbehave.
myslike (v.) dislike, displease.
myspendyng (n.) wrong use.
mysproud (adj.) vainglorious.
mysrewled (v., pp.) misguided.
mysseye (v.) say wrong.
mysthought (v., pt.) thought wrong.
mystorne (v.) turn in the wrong direction.
mystres (n.) masters.
myswrought (v., pp.) done wrong.

namen (v.) call.
narowe (adj.) tight, narrow.
nart (v.) = are not. (2nd pers. sg.)
Natyuyte ( Nativity of the Virgin Mary, 8 September.
nele (v.) will not.
nempne (v.) name.
nere, nerre (adj.) near, nearer.
neruous (adj.) provided with sinews.
nescierunt (v.) (L.) they did not understand. bonum autem facere nescierunt but they did not know how to do good.
nette (n.) net.
neuerthelater (adv, conj.) nevertheless.
neye, neyhe (adj.) nigh.
neyen, ney (g)hen (v.) approach.
nicete (n.) foolishness.
Noe ( Noah.
noght (adv.) not.
noious (adj.) harmful
nombre (n.) number.
nombred (v., pp.) nombred ... nyhe approached closely in payment.
norisshen (v.) nourish.
noryce (n.) nourisher.
noteshale (n.) nutshell.
nother, nouther (adv.) neither.
notum (v., pp.) (L.) known notum vobis facio Euangelium I make the Gospel known to you.
nouht (adv.) not.
nouitate (n.) (L.) Abl. of nouitas newness: renouamini in nouitate sensus you are renewed in a new way of feeling.
noyen (v.) harm.
numquam (adv.) (L.) never. charitas numquam occidit Charity never perishes.
nutritif (adj.) nutritious, feeding.
nyce (adj.) foolish.
Nychodemus ( Nicodemus.
Nycholas ( st Nicholas.
nyl (v.) will not.
nylt (v.) thou wilt not.
nyn, nyne (adj.) nine.
nys (v.) is not.

(n.) obedience.
obseruaunce (n.) observance, rule of a religious order.
obytes (n.) decease.
occidit (v.) (L.) he perishes.
octauo (adj.) (L.) abl. of octavus eight.
offende (v.) offend, trespass.
ofte, oftentymes, oftyme (adv.) often.
Olyuet ( Mount of Olives
omnis (adj.) (L.) every.
ony (adj.) any.
ook (n.) oak.
opon (prep.) upon.
or (prep.) ere, before.
ordenaunce, ordynaunce (n.) order.
ordeynen (v.) ordain, command.
organer (n.) organist.
orologe (n.) clock.
orped (adj.) active.
orysone (n.) prayer.
othes (n.) oaths.
ouche (n.) setting for a jewel.
ouerlong (adj.) too long.
ouermoost (n.) gratest part.
ouermore (adj.) further.
ouerpassen (v.) surpass.
ouersett (v.) be upset.
ouersharp (adj.) too rigorous.
ouersore (adv.) too severely.
ouerstraite (adv.) too eagerly.
ouerthwart (adj.) opposite, hostile.
ouerwoxen (v.,pp.) grown too tall.
oune (adj.) own.
ourys (poss. pron.) ours.
outen (adv.) in with outen outside of.
outher (conj.) or.
outrageous (adj.) excessive.
owen (v.) owe, be obliged to; should.
owle (n.) owl.
oyle (n.) oil.
oynement (n.) ointment, anointment.

palet (n.) a small skull cap of cuir bouilly or steel.
paleys (n.) palace.
palmes (n.) palms.
paner (n.) basket.
paramoure (n.) lover, sweetheart.
parauenture, perauenture (adv.) perhaps
parde (interj.) by God.
pardonaunce (n.) forgiveness.
pardonne (n.) pardon, forgiveness.
parfit (adj.) perfect
parforme (v.) perform, fulfill.
parlement (n.) dispute.
parten (v.) parten with partake of.
partees (n.) parts.
parteyner (n.) partaker, partner.
parturiit (v.) (L.) he dealt out.
paryng (n.) peel.
paryode (n.) period.
passaunt (adj.) excelling, surpassing.
passif (adj.) passive
passiones (n.) (L.) passions, pains.
pasturynge (n.) in pasturynge of beestes stock-breeding.
patri (n.) (L.) Dat. of pater father.
patriarkes (n.) Patriarchs (OT).
patrones (n.) patrons.
Paule, Pawle, Poule, Powle ( st Paul the Apostle, 2 St Paul of Thebes (220-342)the First Hermit.
payne, peine (n.) pain, trouble.
paynyms (n.) pagans.
pece (n.) piece.
pees (n.) peace.
peis (n.) weight.
pelotes (n.) pellets.
penaunce (n.) penance.
pensyf (adj.) pensive.
penytaunce (n.) penitence.
peperit (v.) (L.) he prepared.
peple (n.) people.
pepyn (n.) pippin,apple grown from the seed.
percen (v.) pierce.
perceyuen (v.) perceive.
perdurabylyte (n.) permanence.
peregal (adj.) fully equal.
perl (n.) pearl.
permanable (adj.) permanent.
permutacion (n.) permutation.
perpetuel (adj.) perpetual.
perseueraunce (n.) perseverance.
perseueraunt (adj.) persevering.
personell (adj.) personal.
perteynyng (adj.) pertaining.
pertynent (adj.) pertaining.
peruerted (adj.) corrupted.
peruertyn (v.) corrupt.
peryl (n.) peril.
peryllous (adj.) perilous.
pese1 (n.) peace.
pese2 (n.) piece.
pese3 (n.) pea.
pesteled (v., pp.) pestled.
pestylence (n.) pestilence.
peyen (v.) pay.
peynter (n.) painter.
peysaunt (adj.) weighing, heavy.
peysen (v.) weigh.
Pharao ( Pharaoh.
philosofre (n.) philosopher.
philosophye (n.) philosophy.
phisicyen (n.) physician.
piler (n.) pillar.
pillen (v.) rob.
piscina (n.)(L.) pond.
pite (n.) pity.
plaister (n.) plaster.
planetes (n.) planets
plante, plaunte (n.) plant
plaunten (v.) plant.
playstred (v.,pp.) plastered.
pleden (v.) plead.
pledours (n.) pleaders.
plee (n.) plea.
plenarly (n.) absolutely, thoroughly.
plente (n.) plenty.
plentyous (adj.) plentiful.
plenyly (adv.) clearly, plainly.
plesen (v.) please.
pleten (v.) plead.
pleyen (v.) play.
pleyne (adj.) plain.
pleynley (adv.) plainly.
ploungen (v.) plunge.
pluralite (n.) plurality.
plyant (adj.) pliant, ductile.
plyte (n.) plight.
poete (n.) poet.
Poeticus ( King Poeticus.
pomel (n.) pommel.
popetis (n.) puppets, dolls.
porcyon (n.) portion.
porest (adj.) poorest.
portpen (n.) porcupine.
portreye (v.) portray.
potences1 (n.) powers.
potences2 (n.) crutches.
potest (v.) (L.) he is able to (do).
pouerte (n.) poverty.
pounce (n.) punch, prick.
poure, powre (adj.) poor.
praye (n.) prey.
precen (v.) press, crowd round.
prechen (v.) preach.
precydent, presydent (n.) chairman, governor.
prees (n.) praise.
preest (n.) priest.
pregnaunt (v.) pregnaunt of filled with.
preisen (v.) praise.
preiudyce (n.) prejudice.
prent (n.) image.
prentyses (n.) apprentices.
prerogatyf (n.) prerogative.
presumpcion (n.) presumption.
preuen (v.) prove.
preyen (v.) pray.
preyers (n.) prayers.
preysen (n.) praise.
primus (adj., num.) (L.) abl: primo first.
prisond (v.,pp.) imprisoned.
priuely, in priue (adv.) secretly.
priuitees, pryuytees (n.) secrets.
procede (v.) proceed.
proclamacion (n.) proclamation.
procuratours (n.) procurators.
procuresse (n.) procuratress.
procuren (v.) procure, bring about.
prodest (v.) he is useful, he avails.
profytable (adj.) profitable.
profyten (v.) profit.
properte (n.) property.
prophecyen (v.) prophesy.
prophetisse (n.) prophetess.
proporcianable (adj.) proportionate.
proporcion (n.) proportion.
propre (adj.) proper.
prosperite (n.) prosperity, good fortune.
protestacion (n.) protest, protestation.
prouost (n.) magistrate, provost.
prouostry (n.) provostship.
prowde (adj.) proud.
prowesse (n.) valour.
proye (n.) prey.
pryce (n.) praise.
pryckes (n.) stings.
pryde (n.) pride.
prymerose (n.) primrose.
prynce (n.) prince.
pryncesse (n.) princess.
pryncipalte (n.) principality.
pryncipate (n.) prince.
pryncyple (n.) principle, fundamental source.
prynten (v.) print.
prysoned (v.,pp.) imprisoned.
pryuelege (n.) privilege.
purchacen (v.) obtain.
pured (v.,pp.) purified.
purgement (n.) purgation.
purgen (v.) purge.
purificacion (n.) purification.
purposen (v.) bring about
purpre (adj.) purple.
purs (n.) purse.
pursewen, pursuen (v.) pursue.
purueyen (v.) provide.
pyke (n.) pike (weapon).
Pylate ( Pontius Pilate.
pyler (n.) pillar.
Pysces (n.) the zodiacal sign Pisces.
pyt (n.) pit
pytaunce (n.) pity.
pytche (n.) pitch.
pyte (n.) pity.
pyteous, pytous (adj.) pitiful

(n.) quality.
quantite (n.) quantity.
quarell (n.) quarrel.
quartus (adj., num.) (L.) fourth.
quenchen (v.) quench.
quene (n.) queen.
queynte (adj.) quaint.
quidquam (rel. pron.) (L.) whatever.
quinto (adj., num) (L.) fifth.
quyck (adv.) quickly.
quyete (n.) quietness, rest.
quyten (v.) acquit.

(adj.) rational.
racyd (v.,pp.) torn.
radde (v.,pt.) read.
Rama ( Ramah.
ransoun, raunson (n.) ransom.
rasours (n.) razors.
rathe (adj.) soon, fast
rauysshen (v.) ravish.
reame, reaume (n.) realm.
rebellen (v.) rebel.
receasyd (v.,pp) restored.
rechelnesse (n.) recklesness.
recke (v.) care.
reclame (v.) protest, cry out, promise.
recommendid (v., pp.) commended, praised.
record (n.) testimony.
recorden (v.) remember, memorise, rehearse.
rectheth (v., pt.) cared.
redempcyon (n.) redemption.
redounde (adj.) overflowing.
refection (n.) refreshment.
regalye (n.) kingdom, royalty.
regi (n.) (L.) dat. of rex king.
regnum (n.) (L.) kingdom, reign.
rehercen (v.) repeat.
reicheth (v.) care.
reioycen, reioyen (v.) rejoice.
reisen (v.) raise.
rekeles (adj.) reckless.
rekkenynge (n.) account.
relece (n.) relief.
relucen (v.) be reflected.
remeuyd (v.pp.) removed.
rennen (v.) run.
renom (m)e (n.) renown.
renom (m)ed (v., pp.) renowned.
renouamini (v.) (L.) you are renewed.
renoueled (v., pp.) renewed.
renten (v.) tear.
replenysshen (v.) replenish.
reporten (v.) narrate.
repreef, repryef (n.) reproof, reproach.
repreuen (v.) reprove, reproach.
repugnen (v.) oppose.
requere, requyre (v.) require.
reseruyd (v., pp.) reserved.
reson (n.) reason.
resownyng (v., prp.) resounding.
respyte (v.) give respite to.
restablysshe (v.) re-establish.
restitucion (n.) restitution.
restoren (v.) restore.
restreynen (v.) restrain.
resurrexion (n.) resurrection.
resystence (n.) resistance.
retornen, retournen (v.) return.
reuelacion (n.) revelation.
reuenues (n.) revenue.
reuful (adj.) mournful.
reule, rewle (n.) rule, government.
reuolucion (n.) revolution, yearly course.
reuours (n.) robbers.
rewen (v.) have pity on.
rewlen (v.) rule.
reynbowe (n.) rainbow.
reysen (v.) raise.
richesse (n.) richness.
rightwys (adj.) righteous.
robbe (v.) rob.
roche (n.) rock.
rodys (n.) marigolds.
Romayns ( Romans.
ronne (v., pt.) run.
roode (n.) cross.
roopes (n.) ropes.
roos (v., pt.) rose.
roote (n.) root.
rooten (v.) take root.
roten, rooten (v.) rot.
rounge (v.) gnaw.
routhe (n.) pity.
rowe (n.) row; a rowe in a row.
royalte (n.) royalty.
royame (n.) realm.
ruste (v.) rust.
ryal (adj.) royal.
rybawdes (n.) ribalds.
ryde (v.) ride.
rygges (n.) backs.
ryghted (v., pt.) put straight.
ryghtful (adj.) rightful.
rygorous (adj.) rigorous.
rygour (n.) rigour.
rynde (n.) rind, peel.
rynge (n.) ring.
ryote, ryotyng (n.) debauchery.
rypyng (n.) riping.
ryse (v.) rise.
ryuer (n.) river.

( Saba, Sheba.
sacke (n.) bag.
sacked (v., pp.) put into a bag.
sacrement (n.) sacrament.
sadde (adj.) firm, steady, stable.
sadnes (n.) firmness, discretion.
Sagitarius, Sagitary ( Sagittarius, the Archer, sign of the zodiac.
saide, saidest (v.) pt. of seyen say.
saith (v.) says.
Salamon ( Solomon.
salewe (v.) salute, greet.
saluacyon (n.) salvation.
salutacion (n.) salute.
Sampson ( Samson.
sanctorum (adj.) (L.) gen. pl. of sanctus, see f.
sanctus (adj.) (L.) holy.
saphyres (n.) sapphires.
saphyryn (adj.) sapphire, azure.
sapientes (adj.) (L.) pl. of sapiens, wise.
Sathanas ( Satan, the Devil.
satysfye (v.) satisfy.
sauage (adj.) savage, wild.
sauen (v.) save.
saueoure, sauyour (n.) saviour.
sauf (conj.) safe, except.
sauouren (v.) savour.
sauter, sawter (n.) psalter.
sauyng (v., prp.) keeping safe; (conj.) save, except.
sawtry (n.) psaltery, a medieval string instrument.
saye (v.) say.
saynt (n.) saint.
sayntifyed (v., pp.) sanctified, consecrated.
schale (n.) nutshell.
schytte (v.) shut, in shytte fro shut out, exclude.
scolers (n.) students, disciples.
scorges (n.) scourges.
scorne (v.) scorn.
scorpyon (n.) scorpion; the zodiacal sign of Scorpio.
scrip, scryp, sckryp (n.) scrip, a pilgrim's satchel.
scrypture (n.) Scripture.
scysmatykes (n.) schismatics.
se (v.) see.
seased (v., pt.) seized.
secte (n.) sect.
seculum (n.) (L.) age, nom. pl. secula, gen. pl. seculorum.
secundus (adj.) (L.) second, dat. secundo.
secyd (v.,pp.) ceased.
sege, syege (n.) seat, throne.
seken (v.) seek.
sekerly (adv.) for sure.
sekyrnesse (n.) certainty.
seld (adv.) seldom.
selue (pron.) self.
sely (adj.) wretched.
semblaunce, semblaunt (n.) appearance
seme (v.) seem.
sempiter (adv.) (L.) always.
senden (v.) send.
sensitif (adj.) sentient.
sensualite (n.) sensuality.
sensyble (adj.) sensitive, palpable, apparent.
sentencyally (adv.) as sentence.
separacion (n.) separation.
sepulture (n.) sepulchre.
sergeaunt (n.) sergeant.
serpentes (n.) serpents.
seruage, seruyce (n.) servitude.
seruaunt (n.) servant.
seruen (v.) serve.
seten (v.,pp.) remained.
setten (v.) set.
sewen (v.) follow.
sewyngly (adv.) accordingly.
seyen (v.) say.
seynt (n.) saint.
seysyne (v.) possessed. I haue seysyne of accusement I am aware of the accusation.
shadowen (v.) give shade to.
shamefastnesse (n.) modesty.
shamfast (adj.) modest.
shap (n.) shape.
shapen (v.) give shape.
sharpe (adj.) sharp.
shedde (v., pt.) shed.
sheldes (n.) shields.
shenden (v.) harm, injure, destroy.
shendshyp (n.) shame.
shepe (n.) sheep.
sheten (v.) shoot.
sheuered (v., pp.) blown to bits.
shewen (v.) show.
shireues, shyreues (n.) sheriffs.
shol (v.) shall, will.
shold (v.) should.
shortely (adv.) shortly; shortely for to sey in short.
shortynge (n.) making shorter.
shotte (n.) shot.
showre (n.) shower.
shriuen, shryuen (v.) confess; hear confession.
shulder (n.) shoulder.
shynen (v.) shine.
shyp (n.) ship.
signifyen (v.) signify.
siker (adj.) certain.
sikerly (adv.) certainly.
siluer (n.) silver.
sinne (n.) sin.
sith, sithen (adv.) afterwards; sithen that afterwards when.
sitten (v.) sit.
skaffold (n.) scaffold.
skars (adv.) scarcely.
skile, skyle (n.) reason, sense.
skilful, skile (adj.) reasonable.
skynne (n.) skin, hide.
skypet (n.) basket? charter? CHECK!
slakyng (v., prp.) destisting, abating, decreasing.
slayn (v., pp.) slain.
slee (v.) slay, kill.
sleighte (n.) cunning, trick.
slepe (v.) sleep.
slomber, slomer (v.) slumber.
slouthe (n.) sloth.
slowe (adj.) slothful; (v., pt.) slew.
slytte (v.,pt.) slit.
smal (adj.) small.
smartely, smertely (adv.) quickly.
smelle (n.) smell.
smellen (v.) smell.
smertely (adv.) suddenly.
smerten (v.) grieve, hurt.
smylen (v.) smile.
smyten (v.) strike, hit.
smythes (n.) blacksmiths.
snarlyd (v.,pp.) trapped.
sobre (adj.) sober, grave.
sobyrnesse (n.) sobriety.
socour (n.) succour, help.
socouren (v.) succour, help.
sodeyne (adj.) sudden.
sodeynly (adv.) suddenly.
solempne (adj.) ceremonious, pompous.
solempnite (n.) pomp.
solempnyse (v.) celebrate.
som, somme (pron.) some.
sometyme (adv.) sometimes.
sommes (n.) quantities.
somwhyle (adv.) sometimes.
sone, sonne (n.) sun; son
sone, soone (adv.) soon
sool (adj.) sole.
soothely, sothely (adv.) truly.
soothfast (adj.) truthful.
soper (n.) supper.
sorow (n.) sorrow.
sorowen (v.) sorrow.
sory (adj.) sorry.
soudiours, soudyours (n.) soldiers.
soueraigne, souerayn (adj.) sovereign.
soueraynes (n.) sovereign, king.
soueraynte (n.)sovereignty.
souken, sowken (v.) suck.
sounen, sownen (v.) sound.
sowen (v., pp.) strewn.
sowle (n.) soul.
sownes (n.) sounds.
spack, spake (v.,pt.), spoke.
sparen (v.) spare; sparen to refrain from.
sparkelyng (v., pr.p) sparkling.
sparryd (v.,pp.) barred, fastened
speche (n.) speech.
speculacion (n.) contemplation.
spede (n.) speed, success.
speden (v.) accomplish.
spedly (adj.) successfully.
speken (v.) speak.
spendid (v., pt.) spent.
spere, spiere spyere (n.) sphere.
spette (v., pt.) spat.
spirite, spyryte (n.) spirit.
spoylen (v.) spoil, destroy.
sporles (adj.) spurless, without spurs.
spottys (n.) spots, stains.
spredyn (v.) spread.
sprynge (v.) spring.
spylt (v., pp.) spilt.
spyrituel (adj.) spiritual.
spyryte (n.) spirit.
squyer (n.) squire.
stabelly (adv.) stably.
stablenes (n.) stability
stablysshe (v.) establish.
stalke (n.) stalk, stem.
standen (v.) stand.
stanke (v., pt.) stank.
stare (n.) starling.
statua (n.) statue.
staues (n.) staffs.
stede (n.) place, stead.
stedfast (adj.) steadfast.
steele (n.) steel.
stelen (v.) steal.
stenche (n.) stench.
stent (v.) pt. of stinten.
stere (v.) stir, move.
sterneles (adj.) without a rudder.
sterre (n.) star.
stert (v., pt.) started.
steruen (v.) die.
Steuen ( st Stephen, deacon and protomartyr of the Church.
steues (n.) hot baths.
stewe (n.) fishing pond.
steyh (v., pt.) climbed.
stikkes (n.) sticks, in white stikkes, white sticks, used as an IOU.
stinten, stynten (v.) cease, stop.
stoden (v., pt.) stood.
stok, stokke (n.) stock.
stonde (v., pt.) stood.
stongen (v., pp.) stung.
straunge (adj.) strange.
straungeour (n.) stranger.
strawe (n.) straw.
straytely (adv.) straightly.
stremes (n.) streams, rivers.
strenger (adj.) stronger.
strengthed (v., pt.) strengthened.
streyght (adj.) straight.
streynyng (n.) firm grip.
streyte (adj.) straight.
strif, strif (n.) strife.
strook (n.) stroke.
stryue (v.) strive.
studyed (v., pp.) studied.
stuffe (v.) supply.
sturt (v., pt.) bashed.
styllen (v.) still.
styngen (v.) sting, stab.
stynken (v.) stink.
styrte (v, pp.) leapt.
subalternacion (n.) subordination.
subalternat (adj.) subordinate.
subget, subiect (n.) subject.
subiectyon (n.) subjection.
submytte (v.) submit.
substancial (adj.) substantial, essential see accidental.
substaunce (n.) substance, essence.
subtil, subtyl (adj.) skilful.
successour (n.) successor.
suerte (n.) certainty.
suffisaunce, suffysaunce (n.) sufficiency.
suffisaunt, suffysaunt (adj.) sufficient.
suffaunce (n.) permission, condoning.
suffren (v.) suffer, permit, condone.
sumed (v., pp.) resumed
superfluyte (n.) superfluity, excess.
superhabund (v.) superabound.
superhabundaunt (adj.) superabundant.
supposen (v.) suppose.
surfet (n.) surfeit, excess in eating and drinking; (v.) surfeit.
surfetour (n.) one guilty of surfeit.
surreptyon (n.) clandestine acts.
suspecion (n.) suspicion.
suspendyd (v.,pp.) suspended.
suspyralle (n.) means of breathing.
sustenal (n.) support.
sustene (v.) sustain.
suster (n.) sister.
swerd (n.) sword.
swere (v.) swear.
swete (adj.) sweet.
swette, swete (n.) sweat; (v.) sweat.
sweuenynge (n.) dream.
swolewe (n.) half digested food.
swote (adj.) sweet.
swounyng (n.) swoon.
swymmyng (n.) swimming.
swyn (n.) swine.
syde (n.) side.
syeges (n.) seats, thrones.
syght (n.) sight.
syken (v.) seek.
sykenesse (n.) illness.
syker (adj.) certain.
sykerly (adv.) certainly.
sykernes (n.) certainty.
sylence (n.) silence.
syluer (n.) silver.
sylueren (adj.) silver.
symbals (n.) cymbals.
Symeon ( Simeon.
symony (n.) simony.
sympelly (adv.) simply.
sympelnes (n.) simplicity.
symple (adj.) simple, foolish.
synder (n.) cinders.
Synderesis ( Synteresis, the Worm of Conscience.
synful (adj.) sinful.
syngen (v.) sing.
synguler (adj.) singular.
synne (n.) sin.
synner (n.) sinner.
syr, syre (n.) sir.
systerhede (n.) sisterhood.
sythes (n.) times.
sytten (v.) sit.
syttynge (adj.) fitting.

tabellyon (n.) court clerk.
tabered (v., pt.) played the drums.
tabours (n.) drums.
taken (v.) take.
talent (n.) desire, appetite.
talken (v.) talk.
talowe (n.) tallow.
taryen (v.) tarry, delay.
tast (n.) taste.
tasten (v.) test.
tatche (n.) blemish, stain.
tatched (v., pp.) blemished, stained.
taxyng (v., prp.) taxing.
tayle (n.) tail.
techen, tetchen (v.) teach.
techers (n.) teachers.
teldyng (v., prp.) spreading
tellen (v.) tell.
temporel (adj.) temporary.
temptacion (n.) temptation.
tendre (v.) tender, young.
tene (n.) grief, sorrow.
Tenebre ( a name given to Lucifer ( < L. tenebrae darkness).
tente (n.) tent.
tenthe (adj.) tenth.
teris, terys (n.) tears.
tete (n.) teat, breast.
thaffection (n.) contraction of the affection.
tham (pron.p.) them.
thanck (n.) gratitude.
thanken (v.) thank.
thanne (conj.) than.
thay (pron.p.)they.
theef (n.) thief.
thende (n.) contraction of the ende.
thene, thenne (adv; conj.) then.
thenke (v.) think.
thennes (adv.) thence.
ther (adv.) there.
therafter (adv.) after that.
therby (adv.) by that.
therfor (adv.) therefore
therfro (adv.) from there, from that.
therin (adv.) in there
therof (adv.) of that.
theron (adv.) in that.
therto (adv.) to that.
therupon (adv.) upon that.
therwith (adv.) with that.
theryn (adv.) in there
thesteward (adj.) contraction of the esteward the eastward.
theues, theuys (n.) thieves.
theym (pron.p.) them.
theyr (pron.poss.) their.
thider (adv.) thither.
thilke (adj.) that, such.
thirdde (adj.) third.
Tholome ( Claudius Ptolemaeus, astronomer (2nd ct. BC).
thornes (n.) thorns.
thorugh (prep.) through.
thoughtys (n.) thoughts.
thow, thu (pron.p.) thou.
thre (adj.) three.
thretyng (v., prp.) threatening.
threwe (v., pt.) threw.
thriftely, thryftely (adv.) well provided.
throfe (v., pt.) throve.
throte (n.) throat.
throwe (v.) trust; (v.) throw.
thrusshes (n.) thrushes.
thrustels (n.) throstles, song-thrushes.
thrydde (num.) third.
thryl (v.) pierce.
thurgh (prep.) through.
thwong (n.) sword-belt.
thy (pron.) in nought for thy nevertheless.
thycke (adj.) thick.
thyder, thyderward (adv.) thither.
thyes (n.) thighs.
thyn, thyne (pron. poss.) thine.
thyng (n.) thing.
thynken (v.) think.
thyrd (num.) third.
thyrten (num.) thirteen.
thyrty (num.) thirty.
til, tille (prep.) till, until.
todes (n.) toads.
togeders (adv.) together.
tonge (n.) tongue.
tonged (adj.) provided with a tongue.
torche (n.) torch.
tormenten (v.) torment.
tormentes (n.) torture.
tormentour (n.) torturer.
tornen (v.) turn.
torteys (n.) torch
tothyd (adj.) toothed.
touchen (v.) touch.
tounes (n.) towns.
toure, towre (n.) tower
tourne (v.) turn.
towardes (prep.) towards.
traitour (n.) traitor.
traitourly (adv.) treacherously.
transformyd (adj.) transformed, out of shape.
translated (v.,pp.) translated, transferred.
translatour (n.) translator.
transparaunt (adj.) transparant.
transumen (v.) translate.
trappe (n.) trap.
trauaile (v.) toil; travel.
trauaylour (n.) traveller.
traylyng (adj.) trailing.
traytour (n.) traitor.
traytourly (adv.) treacherously.
treson (n.) treason.
tresorer (n.) treasurer.
tresory (n.) treasury.
tresour (n.) treasure.
trespaas (n) trespass; (v.) trespass.
trespassours (n.) trespassers.
tretable (adj.) docile, affable.
tretyd (v., pt.) treated.
tretys (n.) treaty.
treuble1 (n.) trouble.
treuble2 (adj.) triple.
trew (adj.) true, loyal.
tribulacion (n.) tribulation.
trinite (n.) Trinity.
trist, triste (n.) trust.
tristesse (n.) melancholy.
troden (v., pp.) treaded.
trompe, trompet (n.) trumpet.
trone (n.) throne.
trouthe (n.) truth.
trowen (v.) believe.
trussed (v., pp.) packed.
tryfelers (n.) triflers.
trynyte (n.) Trinity.
tryste (n.) trust.
trysten (v.) trust.
tryumphe (n.) triumph.
turtle (n.) turtle-dove.
tutours (n.) tutors, teachers.
twelue (num.) twelve.
tweyne (num.) two.
twoo (num.) two.
twynnes (n.) twins.
tyde (n.) tide, time.
tydyng (n.) tidings.
tyed (v., pp.) tied.
tyl, tyll (prep.) till, until.
tylth (n.) tilth.
tylthers (n.) tillers.
tymber (n.) timber, wood.
tyme (n.) time.
tympans (n.) tympanums, kettledrums.
tyrannye (n.) tyranny.
tyraunt (n.) tyrant.

(n.) oscillation, moving from side to side.
valewe (n.) value.
valyaunt (adj.) valiant.
vanyte (n.) vanity.
varyable, varyaunt, varyeng (adj.) changing.
vegetatif, vegetif (a.) vegetative.
venemous (adj.) venomous.
vengeable (adj.) revenging.
vengeaunce (n.) vengeance.
venged (v., pp.) revenged.
venym (n.) venom.
veray (adv.) very, truly.
verayly (adv.) truly.
vermen (n.) vermin.
vers (n.) verse.
Versatil ( Versatilis, name given to the flaming sword of Cherubyn (Genesis 3:24).
vertu (n.) virtue.
veyn (adj.) vain; (n.) vein.
victorye (n.) victory.
vigyle (n.) vigil.
vylonye (n.) disgrace.
virgyn (n.) virgin.
visiten (v.) visit.
vitaille (n.) provisions.
vnable (adj.) unable.
vnbounden (v., pp.) untied.
vnbuxom (adj.) disobedient.
vnbynde (v.) untie.
vnchaungeable (adj.) unchangeable.
vnclene (adj.) unclean, wicked.
vnclennes (n.) wickedness.
vnclose (v.) open.
vnconnyng (n.) ignorant.
vncouered (adj.) naked.
vnder (prep.) under.
vndercast (adj.) subjected? CHECK!
vnderfonge (v.) undertake.
vndermyned (adj.) undermined.
vndernethen (prep.) beneath.
vnderstanden (v.) understand.
vndertake (v.) undertake, declare, warrant.
vnesy (adj.) uneasy.
vnformed (adj.) shapeless.
vnfructuous (adj.) infertile.
vngarnysed (adj.) unadorned, unfurnished.
vnhelmed (v., pt.) unhelmed.
vnhonestly (adv.) dishonestly.
vnhorsed (v., pt.) unhorsed.
vnknowen (adj.) unknown.
vnkonnynge (adj.) ignorant.
vnkynd (adj.) unnatural.
vnleful (adj.) illegal.
vnlyke (adj.) unlike.
vnmade (v.,pp.) left undone.
vnmesurable (adj.) immeasurable.
vnmyght (n.) disability.
vnnethe (adv.) hardly, scarcely at all, with difficulty.
vnparfyte (adj.) not perfect.
vnprofytable (adj.)unprofitable.
vnpurged (adj.) unpurged.
vnreson (n.) injustice.
vnrewly (adj.) unruly.
vnrightwisnesse (n.) injustice.
vnsauoury (adj.) unsavoury.
vnsemely (adj.) unseemly.
vnskilful (adj.) not rightful, improper.
vnsuffysaunt (adj.) insufficient.
vnthrifty (adj.) profitless.
vnto (prep.) unto.
vntrewe (adj.) untrue, not loyal.
vntrouthe (n.) falseness.
vntrussed (v., pt.) unpacked.
vnwemmyd (adj.) stainless.
vnwholsome (adj.) unwholesome, unhealthy.
vnwiting (adj.) unknowing.
vnwomanly (adj.) unwomanly.
vnworthy (adj.) unworthy.
vnwrought (adj.) unmade.
vnwyse (adj.) unwise.
vnwytt (n.) foolishness.
vnyte (n.) unity.
vnyuersal (adj.) universal.
vnyuersyte (n.) universe.
vois, voys (n.) voice.
vouchesaufe (v.) vouchsafe.
voyde (adj.) void, empty.
voyden (v.) empty, cast out.
vpon, vppon (prep.) upon.
vpright (adj.) upright.
vpward (adv.) upwards.
vsage (n.) usage.
vsen (v.) use.
vsurers (n.) usurers.
vsurped (v., pp.) usurped.
vtteraunce (n.) utterance.
vtterly (adv.) utterly.
vttermest (adj.) uttermost.
vttrest (adj.) uttermost.
vyage (n.) voyage.
vycayr (n.) vicar.
vyce (n.) vice, sin.
vycious (adj.) vicious.
vyctory (n.) victory.
vylonye (n.) villainy.
Vyncent ( St. Vincent of Saragossa, deacon and proto-marty of Spain.
vyolence (n.) violence.
vyrgyne (n.) virgin.
vysage (n.) face.
vysyble (adj.) visible.
vysyten (v.) visit.
vytaylers (n.) victuallers.

(v.) wake.
wal, walle (n.) wall.
walkyn (v.) walk.
waltred (v., pp.) weltered, wallowed.
wanne (v., pt.) won.
wantith (v.) wants.
wantonesse (n.) wantonness.
wantyng (v., pr.p.) lacking.
wardein (n.) guardian.
wardyd (v.,pp.) warded.
waren (v., pt.) were.
warmen (v.) warm.
waryed (v., pp.) cursed.
wasshen (v.) wash.
wasten (v.) waste.
waunton (adj.) wanton.
wawes (n.) waves.
waxe (n.) wax.
wayte (v.) wait.
weddyd (v.,pp.) wedded.
weke (adj.) weak.
wel, wele (adv.) well.
welle (n.) well.
welthe (n.) wealth.
welthes (n.) riches.
wem (n.) blemish.
wenden (v.) go.
wenen (v.) suppose, imagine.
wenten (v.,pt.) went.
wepen (v.) weep.
werchen (v.) work.
weren (v., pt.) were.
werken (v.) work.
wernen1 (v.) warn.
wernen 2 (v.) forbid.
werre (n.) war.
werse (adj.) worse.
werst (adj.) worst.
wery (adj.) weary.
weryels (n.) scarecrows.
wesshen (v.) wash.
Westmestre, Westmynstre ( Westminster.
wexen (v.) grow.
wey (n.) way.
weyen (v.) weigh.
weyght (n.) weight.
weyle (v.) wail, bewail.
weymentynge (n.) lamentation.
weyued (v., pp.) turned aside, taken away.
whan, whanne (adv.) when.
whatsoeuer (pron.) whatever.
whele (n.) wheel.
whennes, whens (adv.) whence.
wherby (adv., conj.) by which.
wherfor (adv., conj.) for which.
wherin (adv., conj.) in which.
wherof (adv., conj.) of which.
wherto (adv., conj.) to which.
wherupon (adv., conj.) upon which.
wherwith (adv., conj.) with which.
wherynne (adv., conj.) in which.
whiche (pron.) which.
whome (pron.p.) whom.
whoos, whos (pron.p.) whose.
whyder (adv.) whither.
whyle (conj.) while.
whylome (adv.) once, formerly.
whyte (adj.) white.
wikked (adj.) wicked.
wisedom (n.) wisdom.
wist (v., pt.) knew.
wite (v.) know.
withdrawen (v.) withdraw.
witholden (v.) withhold.
withoute, withouten (prep.) without.
withsaye, withseyen (v.) deny, refuse
withstanden (v.) withstand.
withyn, withynne (prep., adv.) within.
witnes, witnesse (n.) witness.
wittes (n.) senses.
wnyuersyte (n.) universe.
woful (adj.) woeful.
wolues (n.) wolves.
wombe, wome (n.) belly, womb.
wonderfull, wonderly (adj.) wondrous.
wondes (n.) wounds.
wondren (v.) wonder.
wone (n.) dwell.
woode (n.) wood.
worchen (v.) work.
wordes (n.) words.
worlde (n.) world.
worme (n.) worm.
wors (adj.) worse.
worship (n.) honour, worship.
worshipen (v.) worship, honour.
wost (v.,pt.) knew.
wot (v.) know.
wounde (n.) wound.
wounden (v.) injury.
woxen (v., pp.) grown.
wrake (n.) revenge.
wrappe (v.) wrap.
wrastled (v., pt.) wrestled.
wrecche,wretche (n.) wretch.
wretchid (adj.) wretched.
wrethe ( Wrath.
writen (v., pp.) written.
wroken (v., pp.) avenged.
wronge (v.) harm.
wrothe (adj.) wroth.
wryen (v.) twist.
wryten (v.) write.
wrythen (v., pp.) twisted.
wycked (adj.) wicked.
wyde (adj.) wide.
wydowes (n.) widows.
wyf (n.) wife.
wyght (n.) creature.
wyke (n.) week.
wyld (adj.) wild.
wylful (adj.) wilful.
wylfulhede (n.) wilfulness.
wylle (n.) will.
wyllen (v.) will, want to.
wylneth (v.) desire.
wymmen (n.) women.
wynde (n.) wind.
wyndowe (n.) window.
wynges (n.) wings.
wynne (v.) win.
wyrke (v.) work.
wys (adj.) wise.
wysedome (n.) wisdom.
wyssen (v.) teach, guide.
wyste (v., pt.) knew.
wyten1 (v.) know.
wyten2 (v.) blame.
wyth (prep.) with.
wythynne (prep., adv.) within.
wytnesse (n.) witness.
wyttes (n.) senses.
wyttyngly (adv.) knowing.

yaf, yafe, yaue
(v., pt.) gave.
ydell (adj.) idle.
ydole (n.) idol.
ydolum (n.) (L.) idol.
ye (pron.p.) you (pl.).
yede (v., pt.) went.
yeft (n.) gift.
yelden (v.) yield, give.
yellen (v.) yell.
yerd (n.) rod, stick.
yere (n.) year.
yete (adv.) yet.
yeuen (v.) give.
yf (conj.) if.
yis (adv.) yes.
ymage (n.) image, statue.
ymager (n.) sculptor.
ymagynacion (n.) imagination.
ympe (n.) graft.
ympen (v.) graft.
ynne (prep.) in.
ynnermost (adj.) innermost.
ynough, ynow (adj.) enough.
yonge (adj.) young.
yongling (n.) youngster.
yourselue (pron.p.) yourself.
youthe (adj.) youth.
yow, yowe (pron.p.) you.
yowre (pron.p.) your.
ypocrites (n.) hypocrites.
ypurged (v., pp.) purged.
yreful (adj.) wrathful.
yren, yron (n.) iron.
ys, yse (n.) ice.
Ysaye ( Isaiah.
yssue (n.) issue, lineage, outlet.
yssuen (v.) in issue forth
ywys (adv.) certainly.

zodyak (n.)