Here Sathanas Axeth Iugement

Capitulo xxvi

Sathanas thenne bygan for to crye: `Loo Mychael', quod he, `now myght thou noo lenger dyssymylen the sentence that [22v] thou ne must by iugement delyuere me my prysoner, wherfore I requyre the, syth that al myn artycles, and many moo than I couthe remembre, ben here in this Court alledged & proued by suffisaunt record, and also by his owne confessyon, that thou yeue the sentence as therto bilongeth, delyueryng me myn askyng. And ful soone he shal be brought in torment and peyne eternal perdurable.'

Whan I hadde herde these wordes, I felle sodenly in swounyng for cause of grete heuynesse and drede that I had. No word ne myght I speke, ne wyst what to sey. And as me thought & verayly supposyd, the Iuge made hym selue redy - semyng to his chere - to yeue the sentence of my dampnacyon.

Sodenly come that worthy Lady whiche that byfore had buryed my body, that was clepyd Dame Misericorde, and spekyng to the Prouost she sayd in this wise: