Of Wonderfull Pynes

Capitulo Sexto

I thenne, that al this sawe and byhelde, soo grete horroure I had of these merueylous peynes, that I fayled in my self, and felle to the ground sodeynly in swounyng, but ful soone myn aungell reysed me and sette me on my fete

Thenne I sawe two grete hepes of suche wretchid caitifs in wonder greuous peyne. That one hepe hadde aboute them many greete wolues, whiche eten the caitifs, and with their sharp teeth raced al to pyeces. They in that other hepe leyen euen vpright, gapyng with their throte. And Sathanas toke molten bras, and cast it therynne.

`O dere wardeyn', quod I, `these merueylous peynes abasshen me gretely. Techeth me, what menen these wonderfull peynes?'

`Of dyuerse tormentes', quod this angell, `ther ben ful many mo than thou hast sene, for ful fewe it ben sothely, that yet hauen be shewed the; for now hast thou first bigonne for to see the peynes. Yf I shold shewe the al, ouerlong shold the seme that I helde the here. But somme wylle I that thou see, to that [54v] entent, that thou therby be the more meke and lowely to thy Lord God, that hath the preseruyd fro soo moche meschyef, for sothly, ther is no torment here, that thou ne hast deseruyd, had nought the plente of his Grace, that hath the forborne, and graunted the to be purged with more esy peynes, whiche ben veray ioyes in comparisona of the greuous peyne of Helle, that neuer shal be ended.