How the Angel Presentyth the Sowle to His Iugement

Capitulo v

`Michael Prouost of Paradise, that hast commyssyon of our Souerayne Kyng to yeue iugement & do iustyce to al maner of peple, anon to the tyme of the Grete Assises at which oure Noble Gloryous Kyng wyl descende presentely in his Owne Persone, vouchesauf to yeue audyence to that I haue to seye. I haue brought with me fro Erthe a pylgrym, whiche that is abydyng here withouten, and with hym the olde Sathanas that putteth vppon hym many greete errours, for the whiche errours he [5r] he claymyth hym for his prysonner. Neuertheles I holde nought that al be trewe that he seyth, wherfor I pray yow that ye wylle ben auysed and yeuen iugement in this mater, as therto bylongeth.'

Thenne Sathanas that with me withouten was abydynge, heryng these wordes, byganne to crye, and sayde 'Certes', quod he, `of ryght he shold be myne, and that I shal preue bifore the. Wherfore delyuer hym to me by iugement, for I byde nought elles.'