How the Sowle Had a Sodeyne Syght of Heuenly Ioye


But than I loked after my wardeyn to see what he wold done or sey for me, beholdyng inward as fer as I myht. Thennea saw I many syeges ryal & wonderfulb, more clere than ony crystal polysshed, and moche merueylous lyght I sawe of dissemblable maner. Somme semyd grene and somme rede, somme lyke to gold and somme to syluer, and other of mor ryche and noble colours than euer I sawe floure or ony precyous stone.

Thenne saw I sitting in the syeges huge plente of peple, whiche I hadde no tyme dystynctly to byholden. But the wonderful clernesse of this company was so gloryous, that al maner of examples of resemblaunce that mowe ben remembryd in Erthe ne ben nomore suffysaunt to declare the beaute than is a clote of black erthe for to representen the semblaunce of ony fayre creature in maner of a myrrour. There was neuer creature that my
ht see this syght, that he ne shold fully be glorious, as me semyd. But it endured me but a moment, for smertely was my syght derkyd by ouer drawynge of a grete corteyne bytwene my syght and that, that I ne myght no more see clerely, that I sawe byfore. But well I herde the voys of my wardeyn that was within, that bygan to speke for me and seyd in this wise: