How the Fendes Compleynen vpon the Aungels That Letten Theym of Theyr Cruel Purpoos

Capitulo vii

Thenne herd I of this companye abydynge so withoute forth many one gretely dystroubled, soo that I thought my self standynge al oute of suerte, and clene withoute comfort. Also these Sathanas were gretely displesyd of theyr long abydyng, for wonder fayne they wold haue ben delyuered. My Sathan with these other made sygne and semblaunt of grete angre and malice, and made among them self grete grutchynge and murmur, holdyng bitwene them a lothly parlement. And right thus they made theyr venemous compleynt.

`We ben', quod they, `it semeth wel of litel reputacyon. Our wikked neyghbours done vs grete dysese, whiche ben these wardeyns of these wretchid pilgryms. They haldin vs fro oure purpoos, soo that we ben al weye withouten ony fauour. There is none so caitif pilgrym, that he ne hath assigned hym a wardeyne the houre of his byrthe, the whiche att al tymes after is contynuelly abydyng with hym to kepe hym and defende fro our handes. And specially fro the time that he is wesshen in the salt lye whiche is ordeyned and deuysed by Grace Dieu, that euer hath ben oure enemy. And also this is to vs a grete despyte, that also soone as these wardeynes comen,[5v] they ben taken in to presence of the Prouost and haue audyence ryght at theyr owne wylle. And we ben here as rybawdes forclosyd withouten. Let vs cryen a rowe, and out vpon them all, for they done vs wrong. Crye we soo lowde, that maugre theym they here our quarel and oure grete compleynt!'