How the Fendys Appelyn the Prouost of Fauoure of Partye

Capitulo Octauo

Anone these lothely ghostes bygonne for to crye & seyde al at ones `Mychael, Prouost, Lyeutenaunt and Commyssary of the Hye Iuge, doo vs ryght and reson withoutena excepcyon or fauour of ony partye. Hit semyde vs grete vnryght that thou so soone admyttest these wardeyns enclinyng to theyr party, and herest them rather than vs. This knowest thou full wel, that in euery ryghtwys court skyle is that the actour be admytted to maken his compleynt and purpoos his askyng. But thou fyrst admyttest the partye defendauntb to make his excusacyon. This maner of iugement must nedes be suspect, for also were it that these pilgryms were clene and innocent, yet wold ryght and reson that the accusours hadden fyrst place and tyme of audyence to seyne what they wold, and sythen after lete the defendaunt excusen them yf they couthe. Syth it soo is thenne that we ben here actours, lete vs haue place to ben herd, and thenne oure aduersaryes.'