How Mychael Callyth Cherubyn to Counseyl, and what Counseyla he yeueth

Capitulo Nono

Thenne herde I within the curteyne a longe parlement, and at the last a voys that sayde thus: `Cherubyn my dere broder that hast plente of connyng, to whome is commyttedb the naked swerde for to kepe the entre of Paradys, that no pylgrym come there within that hath foruoyed fro the ryht wey, come sytte here by me as presydent for to iuge these pylgryms that haue long abyden. Noo doute ye haue full felle and malycyous accusours, to whoos malyce it nedeth to take good hede.'

Thenne sayd Cherubyn `Syre Prouost', quod he, `it semeth that it were skylful and also necessary that al these wardeyns wente to their pilgrims for to kepe them redily fro malice of their enemyes.[6r] Goth seith eueriche to youre owne pilgrim, and in time couenable ye shal be cleped in.'

Soo thenne euery wardein cometh to his pilgrim, and myn also cometh ful soone to me, wherof I was comforted nought a litel, for sikerly, I had grete trust vpon hym.