Reson Consentitha to Mercy & the Iuge
Biddeth Arayen theb Balauncec

Capitulo xxxii

At this word Dame Reason made a sygne to Iustyce, as though she wolde seye `this is very skylful that Mercy hath spoke.' And thenne anone the Iuge commaundyd Iustyce for to take hyr balaunce and set it in such a place that it myght openly be sene, and sayd to hyr thus. `In decysyon and styntyng of al maner of stryf take al the merytes and good dedes of this present pylgrym, and put them in that one parte of the balaunce, and in that other syde al the forefetys & trespaces that Sathanas can bryng forth by record of Synderesys; the pylgryms vpon the ryght syde, and that other vpon the lyft syde. And soone it shal appere whiche hath the better partye. Ne Mercy shal no suspecion haue toward me that I haue ought receyued of yeftes, ne take none mede of nouther parte. The balaunce wylle nought lye, but withoute fauour iuge the trouthe.