How Iustyce Apoynted Hyr Balaunce,
Reson & Truth Standyng in Eyther Syde,
& How the Pylgrym Leyd in the Skryp
& Burdon, & Synderesys with Sathanas
Weyed in that Other Syde

capitulo xxxiii

Thenne vpon a skaffold on hye aboue this corteyne Dame Iustyce shewed hyr self and apoynted hyr balaunce, that bothe partyes weyed lyke heuy. This lady was gerd with a swerd with a thwong al with gold appareylled. Hyr semed wel a lady of huge estate as duchesse or pryncesse, ne none was that he ne tremblyd for drede.

Reson also was with her, whoos eyen shyned bryghter than the sonne, so ferforth that hyr syght percyd al maner of obiectys aboute in euery syde. I sawe also the thyrd, that had the mouthe al clene burnyd gold. And it was me certyfyed of other, that knewe hyr persone, that hyr name was Trouthe. But whan I sawe these thre gone to geders, which hadde as me semyd long taryed me with theyr parlement, desyryng my dampnacion, I was ryght moche desmayed, namely syth that in theyr balaunce my merytes sholde be peysed, wherupon had I no maner of truste. For none other thyng had I for to leye therin but only my scrip and my burdon, that peysed but lytel, as I sawe wel afterward. Neuertheles in the balaunce I leyd it. And there ayene myn enemy leyde in his accusement wryten in the bylle by tellynge of Synderesys. Ther was neuer notary ne tabellyon that me so sore agrysed, for that bylle, whan it was leyd in the balaunce, peysed so sore, that smartely that other syde aroos as nought hadde ben therin, & that me greued moche wors by cause that the peis [27r] shold be the more. Synderesis hym selue styrte in to the balaunce. Thenne bygan Sathan for to cryen with a lowde voys &seyd: `Now', quod he, `thou lady on the skaffold, thou seest wel how it is. Make now this Prouost that soo long hath taryed me for to yeue iugement as fast.'