How these Sowles Left Scrip and Burdon
Entrynge in to Heuene


And thus rehercyng this delectable song I sawe these pylgrymes passe within the corteyn, theyr Aungels goyng byfore. And of one thynge tooke I good reward: that al these forsayd pylgryms leften withoute the corteyn bothe scrippe and burdon. For good skyle it is, as it semyd me when that I hadde [32v] aperceued it, that syth theyr labour and theyr iourney was fully adetermyned and their vyage endyd, that they shold leue the habyte & sygne of trauaylours. And soo also soone as they were entred within, I herd another company within forth, that songen a song withouten comparyson, more lusty than I had herd bifore. And though it passe my wytte & myn abylyte for to counterfeten it in veray trouthe of lykelyhed, yet somwhat as I can sympelly reporten I shal it now rehercen:

The Angels Song within Heuen

Al Worshyp, Wysedom, Welthe and Worthynesse,
Al Bounte, Beaute, Ioye & Blysfulhede,
Al Honoure Vertu and Almyghtynesse,
Al Grace and Thankyng vnto thy Godhede,
Fro whome al Grace and Mercy doth procede,
Ay preysed be thou, Lord in Trynyte,
And euer honoured be thy Mageste!

That by mankynde our nombre is encrecyd
Of these that long haue ben in pylgremage.
And now is al theyr noious labour secyd,
That was bygonne theyr fyrst dayes agea.
Here is the porte of syker arryuage.
Honoured be thou worthy Lord on hye.
And welcome be ye to oure companye.

Now passyd ben youre peryllous auenture,
And al youre trauayl hath an ende y take.
Ryght welcome be ye, blessed creatures,
Tyme is that scrip & burdon ye forsake,
For now ye shal no lenger iourney make,
And after labour tyme is of quyete;
Al heuynesse and anguysshe is foryete.

[33r] For ye haue done a noble vyctory,
And al your labour nobelly dispendyd,
That so ageyne youre treuble enemy
Yow seluen haue myghtely defendyd.
And that ye haue mysdone, it is amendyd
By sufferaunce of Purgatory peyne.
Y thanked be thou Ihesu Souereyne!

In Heuen Blysse here shal ye ben with vs
Vnto the day of Fynal Iugement,
To whiche day ye shal abyden thus,
And preysen God with youre hole entent,
Whyle that youre bodyes by assignement
Of God is torned to corrupcion,
And fully shal haue his purgacion.

For Reson wylle and also Goddes Lawe,
That he whiche hath done al his besynesse
For Goddes loue youre lustes to withdrawe,
Encombrynge you with moche vnthryftynesse,
That fro that foule and woful wretchydnesse,
Hit purged be and al renewed clene
That maner wey: youre flesshe is that we mene.

Soo at the Last Day they shal aryse
And come byfore the Iuge Souerayne,
To yow conioyned in a wonder wyse,
In good acord withouten ony payne,
And in this ioye eternally remayne.
What ioye is here ye shalle assay and see;
Honoured be thou Lord in thy Mageste.