How an Holy Sowle Was Brought to Blysse,
with Moche Melodye of Angels

Capitulo lxii

In this poynt I herde in that other syde comynge a lusty melodye of wonder swete songe and instrumentes sownyng. And I byhe­lde & sawe where come with grete solempnyte a pylgrym al vnlyke, more clere and bryght shynyng, than these other were, and was brought forth with an huge multi­tude of angels, eueryche hauyng on hand somme lusty instrument as Harp, Organs, Sawtry and many moo of other, whiche I knewe nought, ne couthe nought them descryuen. And so was he ledde among that companye, his owne Aungel hauynge hym by the honde, that songe wonder lyke to this that I shalle now rehercen:

The Angels Songe

Honoured be thou, Blysful Lord Ihesu,
And preysed must thou ben in euery place
So ful of Myght, of Mercy and Vertu,
Of Blysse, of Bounte, Pyte, and of Grace,
Whoos honoure may no maner thyng deface.
Who is it that withstanden may thy Myght?
But seruen the of fors mote euery wyght.

Honoured be thou, Ihesu Heuen Kyng!
Thou hast bytake vnto my gouernaunce
Such one that hast aboue al other thyng
Alowed the with lowely obeysaunce,
And loued the with sad perseueraunce,
Thy counceyl and thyn hye commaundement
Obseruynge with his hertely hole entent.

He hath nought walked in the weyes large,
That to the flesshe so lusty ben and grene.
But he hath ben ententyf to thy charge
Fro dedely synne to kepe hym seluen clene,
And gone the wey of trauayle and of tene,
Of penaunce and of tribulacion,
In greuous stormes of temptacion.

[34r] So hath he hadde in Erthe his Purgatorye,
Whiche that he hath susteyned wylfully,
Wherfor now receyue hym to thy glorye,
And take hym vp in to thy Blysse on hye
With the to ben in ioye eternally
In what degre that to hym is condygne,
Ryght as thy seluen lyketh to assigne.

Honoured be thou Ihesu Gracious!
Thou man bycome thy self for mannes nede,
And man thou taughtest to be vertuous,
To seruen the by verry loue and drede,
Rewardyng them with Blysse for theyr mede,
That done theyr deuoyre as they may or can;
Now thanked be thou, Ihesu, God and man.