The Sowle to the Body

Capitulo lxi

'Sothly', quod I, `as I vnderstande, that fowle vnwholsome sauour cometh of the corrupcion whiche the fire hath caused in the torche, what tyme that the fire is withdrawen hym by vyolence, or elles in maner of compleynt be casted oute foule vapours & smoke, whiche ben as it were terys of wepyng by cause of the harme that the fire hath done theryn in wastyng [48r] of his substaunce. And as me semyth, the more noble that the mater is, the fowler is the sauour when it is thus corrupt, as it is preued clerly by wax, that smelleth wors after it is quenchid, than doth only talowe.'