The Body to the Sowle

Capitulo lxiiii

`Now', quod that other, `now arguest thou folyly, for thy reson is more to my purpos than it is to thyne, for he that is closed in a sack hath more myght and power than hath the dede sacke that kepeth hym enclosid, namely, sith that the sack is of grete largesse, soo that his wyttes mowe vsen theyr iugementes withouten ony lettyng. Sothly the sack it self may nought meue to ne fro, but yf he that is sacked meue hit of his owne myght. I haue ben nought els but as it were thy sack, whome thou hast caryed whyder that the lyst. Thou haddest within me large space ynowe, and al thy myght myghtest thou vse atte thyne owne plesance, soo that thou ne woldest nought departe, ne suffren thy sack for to be vnbounden ne disclosid by thy wylle.'