The Angel Endeth this Parlement

Capitulo lxv

Myn Aungel thenne auaunced hym before me, and said `What, hast thou', quod he, `founden cause of ryotyng? Hit is ful tyme that the descencion of yow bothe stynte and take an ende, for it is nought to youre hele auaylynge.

`Bitwene tho such maner of stryf and wordes shold be meuyd, which that ben perpetuell dampned in to the peyne of Helle. But ye that ben predestynate to saluacion and shal herafter be reioyned as frendes, ye oweth nought for to stryue, but ye sholde ben of acord, and soo wyll I that ye be, and that ye soo departen.'

Thenne my fowle body bigan to hold hym still and spak no word. And I also held my pees and wold nomore seye, saue only that I bad hym adyeu. `And God graunte', quod I, `that I maye be with the herafter in the Souerayne Ioye.'

Here Endeth the Second Book of the Pylgremage of the Sowle