The Drye Tree vnto the Grene Tree

Capitulo x

`Yet answerd the drye tree, and said ryght euen thus: "Sothly", quod she, "yet sawe I neuer tree that wold nought saue hym seluen by moysture drawen of the roote, yf hit myght be, and receyuen tylthe and amendement. And though it soo be that I be restablysshed by this fayre appel, ther by shalle the grene tree lesen nought at al. But wel I wote it wyl be for hyr grete auauntage; she shalle neuer soo moche profyte haue by the kepyng. For why, yf it soo be that I haue this appell restablisshed vpon my self, what tyme that it hath be beten, tormentid, and broken, percyd with nayles and tatched vpon me, the Iuse that yssueth ther froo and renneth to the erthe shal be veray medycyn to his owne rote, of whiche he was growen, for by that lycour al mankynd shal be bought and fully delyuerd. There may none other raunson auaylen.

"Ful soth it is that this appell [63r] is moche more of valewe than euer was the roote. And therfore by the humour descendyng therfro, the tree shal take more myght and strengthe lenger to enduren, and more profitably, by a thousand parte. Also in that other side I sey in this wyse: as touchyng the satisfaction and amendes to be made for the trespas, this appel, what tyme that it is extendid and tatched with nayles and cruelly beten, soo that this forsaid Iuse yssue oute therof with the forme of his owne body, God that shal see this fro the Heuen aboue, whiche that holdeth hym by my spoilynge gretely offendyd, shalle hyely be appesid, receyuynge that punysshement for ful and hoole amendes of the trespas as a glorious sacrifice in foryeyuyng and relecyng of old synne of Adam to hym and all his yssue, soo that these two thynges that I before haue spoken on shal fully be atermyned and haue a fynall ende".