The Grene Tree to the Drye

Capitulo Vndecimo

"Sothely", quod this grene tree. "Wel I wote that myn appel hath so huge vertu in hym seluen that ful wel he may helpen and helen bothe my roote and me, and with his medycyn amende vs when that hym lyketh. And he shall putt hym self in the hande of God for to ben a iewele appesyng the Fadre of this forsaide trespas, right as the appel appeseth the child, though hit be not broken. But beten therfore shalle neuer be myn owne swete appel, ne hanged with nayles, soo as this drye tree asketh and requyreth, for it were a thynge vnskylful to be done, wherfore, Dame Iustyce, I requyre yow that ye iuge ryght. Here is nought elles to be done in this mater."

"Sothly", quod that other, "I aske no thynge elles."