The Sone Consenteth to Become Man

Capitulo xvi

`O swete Fader', quod he, `what meschyef and dysese hath caused this appel, that now must I beren all the peyne, and that I mote payen the dette that I neuer owed, for hym that hath eten the appel, whiche parauenture shall neuer konne thank, nother the ne me. I beleue fully that I shall repente that euer I was present at this first creacion, suche guerdon and reward to receyuen to my mede.

`My dere Fadre, yf it mote be thus, and is to thy plesaunce, though it shall be to me ful greuous and ful heuy, yet wylle I doo thy wyl, and nought after myn case, obeyenge to the, Fader, anone to the dethe.

`But one thyng, Fader, must we thynke vppon: yf it so be that I be hasted in this iourneye to be done as faste, no doute man is soo vnkynd and vnkonnynge, that he wylle neuer kon the peryles, ne the meschyefs, that ben befallen by his vnthryfty synne. Good it is, or that this be done, that he haue knowynge and experyence of his owne wretchydnesse, to that ende, that whan this Grace is done hym, he maye conne vs thank therfore as Ryght and Reson wylle.'