The Fader Determyneth that His
Sone Must Bicome Man

Capitulo xv

`Sothely', quod the Fader, `this is very sooth, that one of vs thre must abye this bargeyn, eyther that al mankynd must perisshen for euer. Dere Sone, how semyth the in thys mater?'

`Sothely', seyth the Sone, `the same semeth me, and very soth it is. But this wol ben a wonder greuous thyng to that persone [63v] thata shal take it on hand.'

`Thou seyst ful sothe', quod the Fader. `It wylle be ful greuous. Yet wolde I praye the to taken this occupacion at thyne owne plesaunce. I wyll nought, ne may nought, compellen the therto, but at thyne owne wylle. And also the trespas is special to the apertynent that art wytte and wysedom, for soo the serpent behyght hym that he sholde be as wyse as we thre, wherfore good right it is that thou in thy persone, that art very wysedome, shewe to man in sothenesse that al worldly wytte is foly, and teche them in dede what very wysedom is.'