The Sone Ansewereth to the Fadre

Capitulo xiiii

'Dere Fader', quod he' `very sothe it is that by fals fraude the cursid serpent deceyued man,and good it were that somme maner of remedy were ordeyned therfor, who so couthe fynde a skylful weye therto. But it standeth soo, that he that dyde the trespas, and made hym self a synner, may neuer haue kyndely heyr ne flesshely successour, that he ne shall ben entatchyd with this first forfet, soo that he suffyseth nought to payen this amendys.'

`Certes', quod the Hooly Ghoost, `good reason it is that thylke properly paye his amendys, that hath done the trespace, for only hym seluen hath mysdone. But thenne he must first be very innocent, as he was before the dede done. And also that he haue also grete power, as hauen we thre in oure vnyte to geders. But suche one ful hard hit were to fynde, but yf that one of vs shold becomen man, of whiche, ryght as of an appel, the drye tre shold be restored of that was fro hyr wrongfully despoylled, & in presence of al the world restablisshed to his rather vertu, or better, yf it myght. And soo by this man the amendes myght be payed as ryght and reson asketh. And sothely, as I suppose, but if this be do, man ne may be restored ne releuyd of his grete meschyef.'