Iustyce Yeueth Iugement for the Drye Tree

Capitulo xviii

"Wherfore I sey the fayre grene tree, consyderynge all that hath be said here at this tyme, bothe in one syde and other, consy­derynge also the tretys holden bitwene the Trynyte, wherof I haue spoken, I yeue this fynall sentence that the drye tree that here is shalle be restablysshed of this swete appell, & there with be receasyd. And this sey I forsothe, that Vyrgynyte hath nought by this sentence grete cause to compleynen, for long tyme hath she had this appel in hyr ward, and sikerly the appel neuer auayleth while it is kepte. But whan it is broken, than it shalle refresshen moche folk that hauen parte therof."