How Enuye Dide the Execucion

Capitulo Xix

`Now shal I telle the what bifel of this. Iustyce held her self stable in this purpos, so the tyme come that seperacion shold be made bitwene this swete appel & this appeltre, & so it felle to the erthe, withoute ony hurtynge, of this faire tree, & when he had taryed there a couenable tyme, Enuy, that had full subtylly hyd hir self besides, seyd sykerly that she wold ben the same that [64v] shold done execucion of this forsaid sentence whiche Iustyce hath yeuen. And she wold hange vp this appel vppon the drye tree and restoren it ageyne, as this forsaid drye tree hadde long tyme desired. And as she purposid, so she dyde. So was this lusty appel hanged vppon this drye tree and tatched with sharp nayles soo hyhe and soo openly, that al the worlde fro ferre and nere in euery syde aboute myght see the Restitucion that was made by iugement of this Lady Iustyce.

`Thenne byganne this fayre tree to wepen and to sorowen, wrythen hyr braunches for veray heuynesse, compleynyng with an hye voys, seyng in this wyse: