Of the Neck of this Ymage

Capitulo Trisesimo Primo

`By reason also, and good right, the neck of this ymage also shold be of gold, al though that Danyell therof make no mencion. Nought for thy, clerkes tretynge therupon, declarynge the story, seyen that this necke was of gold, lyke to the hede.

`The necke of a kyng may wel be cleped his kynrede, that is the royal blood of the reame that next vnder the hede is set, aboue the body, ryght as the sustenal and the piler wherupon to resten and affyen hym selue. And this necke shold be the passage and repassage fro the hede to the body, and ryght so ayeneward, soo that what the neyther partes of the body nedyn to requyren to theyr owne comfort or gouernaunce of the body, by these hit shalle be sought and requyred.

`And in that other side, hea, as a good hede by his wyttes and his hyhe discression shalle mayntene these membrys, and norysshen withouten ony varyenge, soo that his gouernaunce be admynystred doune to the hole body by his necke, that is this royal lygnage. Also this neck shalle be the suspyralle wherby the brethe shalle be drawen bothe to comforte of the hede, and eke of al the body, and yf it soo be that there come to the hede ony discomfortableb tydynges by them that ben next of his blood, he shalle drawe bothe counceill and comforte, ryght as who so draweth a depe sighe fro the herte roote.

`The necke also is the ioynture of the hede and the body, and maketh them bothe one. Soo shalle these royal lordes ben menes & medyatours bytwene the kyng and his peple in euery nede that may befalle in euery maner tyme, so that ther be bytwene them good pees and acord, as good reson wylle that ther be.