The Armes of this Ymage

Capitulo xxxii

`Now shalle I sey the of the armes of this ymage, which must ben of syluer. The armes of a man ben the moost helpely membres, and moost redy alwey to defend the hede. And oftymes these armes wyl bleden, somtymea on the right side, and somtyme on the lyft side, to esen and comforten the hede and al the other membres, so that al the body may be the more hoole & clene of al corrupcion.

`That one of this armes ben dukes, erles, and barons, and other worthy lordes of the reame whiche that ben neruous, that is to seyn, well frett with senewes of strong and myghty frendes, and al ful of veynes of clene blode, that is theyr worthy lignage. They ben wel ioynted, and myghtely boned with orped men of armes, so that they be strong at the fulle.

`That other arme ben they that be pryue with lordes, and beren pryncipall offices vpon men of armes, as chyuetayns and marchals, and suche other, after the vsage of the countre, whiche I can nought nempne, that haue gouernaunce of sowdyours and of men of armes, abouen whiche hath the gouernaunce he that is conestable, whiche that oweth to ben a bolde man and hardy, a sad man and a substancial, of grete constance and prowesse, of manful herte and of noble courage, wherfore he hath his name cogun estable
82, knowen for a sad man and a stable persone. For gretely it nedeth that he be be strong and myghty, to whome alle the hoost muste leue and haue theyr triste, where that euer they be, wherfor is he nought handeles, for he hath full power to helpen and comforten all as ofte as it nedeth.

`Of these two armes I seye nought whiche holdeth the ryght side, but wel I wote that bothe oweth to be ryght and neyther the lift, as it is figured in Iudicum of Gedeon
83, that bothe handes vsed for the right hande. For why eueryche of these handes shalle putte them self in prees for to helpe and defende the hede and the body as ofte as it nedeth, ne neither of them shalle be the lift hand to mayntenaunce of wrong.