Worshyped be this holy fest day
In honoure of the swete Well of Lyf
With alle the ioye and myrthes that we may,
For Crist the Chirche hath chosen to his wyf.
And fynally abatid is the strif
That hym bytwene and man hath longe be.
Honoured be the Blessid Trynyte!

Oute of this Wel so noble lycour ran,
So fayre, so fresshe, so lusty hony swete,
That sythe the first day the world bygan,
With suche a welle myght neuer no man mete.
Alle heuynes and malyce is foryete.
As toward man: excused clene is he.
Honoured be the Blessyd Trynyte!

This day soo lowe he wold hym self enclyne,
The bryde feste with his Hye Persone
To honouren, tornyng water in to wyn.
This day was Crist baptised of seynt Ione.
The Faders voys
130 was herd oute of his Trone:
This is my loued Sone that lyketh me.
The very wysedom of the Trynyte!

And that he sholde haue record auntentik
The thrydde persone in oure Lord alyghte,
The Hooly Ghoost vnto a douue y lyke,
That playnly myght be sene of euery wyghte.
Thus blessid hath the water God almyght.
In honour of this hyhe solempnyte,
Worshiped be the Hooly Trynyte!