Here Is the Court Sette and the Iugement Bygonne

Capitulo Undecimo

Ful hastely thenne ther sowned a Trompett. And after that was there made an open proclamacyon, and sayd in this maner:

`Alle ye that ben acustomed to come to oure iugementes to here and to see as assessours that ryght be performed, cometh forth hastely and taketh youre seges, as ye wel knowe youre owne assygned places. Ye also that be withoute abydyng the settyng of this Court, representith youra self smartely to this iugement by ordre as ye shal be clepyd, soo that neuer one lette other, ne enterrupte others mater. Ye pilgryms, approche ye to the entre of this curteyn, holdynge your selfb withoute. And youre wardeyns, by cause that they be oure felawes belongyng to oure company them selue, shal appere as worthy is presently within to open audyence.'

Soo thenne was it done smertely as the crye commaundyd. My wardeyn hasted them inward, and [7r] put hym self byfore, and al other also dyde in the same wyse, comyng forth eueryche byforne his pylgrym with pale vysage & the hede enclyned for heuynesse, that they sawe theyr aduersaryes so redy to theyr accusacyon. But of al the remenaunt of this companyc I leue for to speke, holdyng forth my processe of myn own persone, as it is moost acordyng to my purpoos.