How the Wardeyn Presentyth this Sowle to the Iuge

Capitulo Duodecimo

After grete processe fynysshed and the ful decysyon of many grete causes and quarels that were moued, when the tyme was come of my delyueraunce, my wardeyn bygan to speke & sayd in this wyse:

`Prouost Mychael', quod he, `I here presente to yow this pilgrym whiche that somtyme was commytted to my gouernaunce in the world binethe. Of this wyl I bere hym good record, that he hath clerely kepte his byleue in to this last ende, ne neuer ne lefte he fro hym his skryp ne his burdon, as it bylongeth to a good pylgrym. And sythen he hath ben perseueraunt in good purpoos anone to the ende after the promysse of our Blysful Lord and Kyng Ihesu Goddes Sone. He oweth to be sauf and to be rceyued in to the Souerayne Cyte of Heuenly Ierusalem, whiche he hath long tyme aso
ht, trauaylyng his bodye therfore.