Here Compleyneth the Drye Tree vpon Adam of Spoylynge of the Appel

Capitulo Sexto

`Thenne said the drye tree: "I compleyne me gretely vppon the first man, whiche that withoute leue of me or of my Souerayne spoyled me of myn appel, and ete it to his owne disworshyp, & my ful grete harme and huge disauauntage. I haue by his foly lost all my franchise, soo that I am become alle wild and fruyteles, and after departid fro my stok, translatid fro place to place, ne neuer founden couenable to no manere of profyte. And this haue I suffred by cause that I was lyke to other baren trees, whiche that were growen to that ende for to doo iustyce vppon them, that were theues and morderers, soo that I ne may no lenger suffren ne dissymylen, but that I wylle pursue to recoueren, yf I may, that me of ryght bylongeth to honoure and worshyp, for to haue resta­blysshement of my fruyte, whiche was fro me despoilled, namely syth I see set in my presence a suffysaunta appele growynge in this fayr florisshynge tree, by whiche I may withouten ony delaye haue ful restitucion. Soo I requyre you, Iustyce, that ye doo me reson, and make me haue delyueraunce of that I haue duely here asked bifore yow."